‘Love After Lockup’: Michael and Maria Take Sarah’s Kids to NYC – Did He Win Custody?

Love After Lockup cast member Michael Simmons takes his kids on a road trip with Maria in tow – is Sarah Simmons okay with it? Sarah fighting for full custody of her children was a big part of their storyline on the recently-concluded season of Life After Lockup. And, she didn’t want Maria anywhere near her babies. Did he get custody of his kids?

Love After Lockup: Michael & Maria Take His Girls to New York City

Love After Lockup celeb Michael Simmons visited New York City with his kids – and Maria. Sarah Simmons said she wouldn’t let her kids anywhere near Maria – let alone on a road trip with her. The claws came out between the women on Life After Lockup. And, it doesn’t seem like Sarah would let her kids go very easily based on what she said in the past.

Still, everyone looks happy in the photo – including Michael Simmons’ kids. And, it looks like his children get along with Maria as well. Interestingly, Sarah Simmons lives in Rochester, which is a five-hour drive from the city. So, it’s a considerable distance away – even though it’s still technically on her home turf.

In addition to getting into it with Sarah on the WEtv spinoff, Maria slammed her online, too. She said Sarah doesn’t “deserve” her girls. And, that she hopes they don’t follow in her footsteps. Maria even said Sarah is a “disappointment” to her fans. So, it’s surprising to a lot of Love After Lockup watchers that Sarah allowed Maria around her kids given the bad blood between them.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Maria

LALU: Sarah Simmons Worried About Ex-Con Husband Taking Her Girls

On Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons is against Michael Simmons taking his kids for any extended period of time. It was a very clear “no” from the young mother. She filed for emergency temporary custody of them on the WEtv spinoff. At the time, that was only until they settled it in court.

But, Love After Lockup star Michael Simmons sightseeing in NYC with Maria and his kids is the complete opposite of what Sarah Simmons wanted on Life After Lockup. She felt she couldn’t trust him. And, she worried about him running off with her girls.

On the other hand, she spoke on Life After Lockup about wanting her girls to spend time with their father. And, she may have softened her stance on Maria since filming wrapped. Either way, it looks like everyone had a good time in the Big Apple.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons - Michael Simmons

Love After Lockup: What Happens Next?

Sarah Simmons recently shared an update with Love After Lockup fans. And, both her girls seem to be back under her roof. A judge granted Sarah Simmons temporary legal custody of her kids on Life After Lockup. And, it’s likely she gets permanent custody given Michael’s criminal history.

On Love After Lockup, viewers see that Michael Simmons tends to drop off the map a lot. And, he often ditches his children when he’s supposed to come see them. So, that could certainly work against Michael in any legal custody proceedings – in addition to his criminal record. The fact that he’s in New York City with his children (along with Maria) indicates that he has won at least unsupervised visitation.

Since Sarah lives in New York state, Michael is probably free to take his children anywhere in the state without the mother’s permission if he has visitation rights.

Is Maria Still with Michael Simmons?

Even though Michael Simmons chooses Maria at the end of the last Life After Lockup season, many viewers wonder how long that will last. Even fellow cast members like Tony don’t think the relationship will last long. And, based on the latest tea, they might already be over.

Maria claimed online recently that Michael was only with her because he needed a place to stay. And, as an added kicker, she alleged that he’s back with Sarah Simmons again. After everything he put her through, the estranged husband and wife slept together on LALU. So, it’s clear there’s still a spark there. Meanwhile, if the pair really are back together, custody of their children may not be an issue – at least for now.

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