‘Love After Lockup’: Michael Simmons and Sarah Hiding Reunion – New Season Ahead?

Love After Lockup husband and wife Michael Simmons and estranged wife Sarah are back together based on what Maria recently said – are the pair hiding their reunion? Michael and Sarah got intimate in recent Life After Lockup episodes. And, it’s clear there’s still a spark. Will they film more content for WEtv?

Love After Lockup: Sarah & Michael Simmons Back Together?

Michael Simmons’ history of juggling multiple women is a major part of his Love After Lockup storyline. And, even though he went from Megan to Maria, Sarah is the one constant in his life. She is the mother of his children. And, they have a long history together despite the numerous ups and downs.

On more than one occasion, it looked like Sarah Simmons was ready to kick her felon husband to the curb. She saw a divorce lawyer on the Love After Lockup spinoff. And, she even got temporary custody of her children last season. But, if the latest tea is true, it looks like the pair are back together.

Sarah dropped a lot of weight since filming the WEtv spinoff. And, many viewers thought she did this as a way to kick Michael to the curb for good – all while showing off her new revenge body. But, if the pair are back together, it could be she did all this to win him back.

LALU: Maria Dishes on Relationship Status

Michael Simmons cycles through a number of different women often. On the last season of Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons found out a number of women send him money. And, he uses this cashflow to support his lifestyle. So, when WEtv introduced Maria as his new lady love, most Love After Lockup viewers were skeptical.

Meanwhile, Maria recently dished on her relationship status with Michael Simmons. She said he only stayed with her because he needed a place to crash. And, she claimed he and Love After Lockup wife Sarah Simmons are back together. So far, both Michael and Sarah stay quiet about their status. Are they trying to keep their reconciliation under wraps?

Are Love After Lockup Pair Filming More Content?

It’s possible the Love After Lockup spouses keep their renewed relationship a secret due to filming more content for WEtv. Michael Simmons is a big draw for the network. And, reuniting with Sarah makes for good TV – especially since viewers watched them from the very first season of the show.

Meanwhile, despite looking into divorce and filing for temporary legal custody of her girls, Sarah Simmons has a habit of putting herself back in his orbit. She locked lips with a mystery man she met at a bar in an attempt to get over her felon husband. But, it’s clear from this recent bombshell that the pair aren’t done yet.

Even during Michael Simmons’ relationships with both Megan and Maria, Sarah Simmons still referred to him as “her man”. And, despite his two-timing ways, even Michael can’t deny the fact that he and Sarah will always have a connection. So, at least for now, it looks like this Love After Lockup family is whole once more. But, given Michael’s track record, if and when he steps out on her again is definitely something to watch.

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