Love After Lockup: Megan’s New Body and Sarah’s New Hair – Did They Both Dump Michael?

Love After Lockup‘s Megan, Sarah, and Michael Simmons make strange bedfellows. There’s a lot of he said, she said going around when it comes to this trio. LAL fans aren’t sure if Sarah or Megan are still with Michael. It’s also possible that both women got tired of Michael’s two-timing and kicked him to the curb. What’s the latest on them?

Love After Lockup: Megan’s New Body

Recently, Megan debuted her new body on Instagram. In the caption of the new snap, Megan revealed that she dropped a whopping 70 pounds. She took the opportunity to fire back at her Love After Lockup haters and everyone that criticizes her. It’s unknown whether her new body is a revenge body or whether she dropped the weight to try and win Michael Simmons back.

On the other hand, it’s possible that dropping the weight was a symbolic way to let go of all the Michael baggage and put it all behind her. Did being on television give her a new perspective? Interestingly, Sarah revealed on Instagram that Megan and Michael are still together. However, this is only the beginning in terms of where things get murky with the three of them.

Love After Lockup: Megan

Love After Lockup: Sarah’s New Outlook

Sarah’s social media pages are chock-full of inspirational quotes, memes, and self-improvement messages. They suggest she moved on from Michael Simmons. She even asked fans to give her recommendations on a new hair color. Does this signal a new start for her, her daughter, and her baby on the way? In addition, she recently said online that she’s more than capable of raising her children on her own. This seems to point to the fact that Michael is no longer in the picture.

This is also where things get more confusing for Love After Lockup fans. While Sarah said that Michael and Megan are an item, Megan said on Instagram that Michael and Sarah are still working on their relationship. Megan responded to a viewer on IG with: “Since Sarah is currently with Michael and working on things….Why tf are you on my page?”

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Are They All Duping Viewers?

Based on these responses, each woman claims that Michael Simmons is with the other one. Is this all just an elaborate ruse cooked up by the network to boost ratings and maximize drama? Perhaps neither woman is with him and they’re all playing coy until the current season of Love After Lockup wraps. With all this back and forth, it’s difficult to know who’s telling the truth.

Added to this, it was recently revealed that Michael’s sister is managing all his social accounts until further notice. It’s unclear why his sister is stepping in at this time. Is this a case of further scheming by the cast members and the network or did something actually happen to facilitate this? As of right now, it looks like both women maintain that Michael is with the other. Further, regarding Michael’s disappearing act online, Love After Lockup viewers are still in the dark.

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