‘Love After Lockup’: Megan Nash Has New Boyfriend – Upgrade from Michael Simmons? [See Pic]

Love After Lockup alum Megan Nash has a new boyfriend in her life based on the latest updates. Many LALU watchers wonder what Michael Simmons’ ex is up to since calling it quits with the former felon. What did she reveal about her new beau?

Love After Lockup: Megan Nash Has a New Boyfriend – See Pic

Love After Lockup cast member Megan Nash recently shared a telling update with her followers online. She shared a snap with a new man. And, it looks like she found Michael Simmons’ replacement. Megan got the raw end of the deal in that LALU love triangle. Moreover, many followers are glad to see she moved on.

In addition to her pic update featuring her new boyfriend, Megan Nash includes some telling hashtags to boot. Some of which include “#building” and “#newbeginnings”. Right now, it’s not clear what that entails for Megan and her new love interest. But, many viewers want to know what she does next now that she’s free of the Love After Lockup drama with Sarah Simmons and Michael.

Love After Lockup: Megan

LALU: Megan Nash’s Raw Deal with Michael Simmons

When Love After Lockup introduced viewers to Megan Nash, she thought she was going to live happily ever after with felon, Michael Simmons. She lost her virginity to him. And, she was ready to build a life with the former inmate. Michael Simmons’ love triangle storyline may have been a hit for WEtv. But, Megan certainly got the worst of it when she realized he was married to Sarah Simmons.

Meanwhile, even after they finally called it quits, Megan Nash revealed some shocking news to Love After Lockup fans. She revealed back in February that she was pregnant with Michael’s baby. And, that she went through a miscarriage. In addition, Megan said she was pregnant with his baby when she found out he was married. And, that she didn’t kick him to the curb then because of the baby.

Megan Nash said she was going to focus on herself and not worry about getting into a new relationship anytime soon. But, based on her most recent update, it’s clear she changed her tune on that.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Megan

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Star?

A lot of Love After Lockup followers wonder what Megan Nash has been up to since things ended with Michael. And, at least when it comes to her love life, viewers have a clear answer. Currently, not much is know about her new flame. And, it’s likely more information comes out following this reveal. Meanwhile, the consensus among most LALU fans is that he’s a major upgrade from the former felon.

Meanwhile, despite wanting to focus on herself, it seems quarantine had other plans for the Love After Lockup celeb. And, now that Megan has a new man in her life, it’s possible WEtv brings her back for future content as well. Either way, there’s certainly a lot to dig into following this latest update. And, it’s worth watching what Megan reveals next about her new boyfriend.

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