‘Love After Lockup’: Matt Escapes Jail To Visit His Newborn Baby Boy?

Love After Lockup’s Matt Frasier has a very lengthy criminal history. But looking at his huge roster of arrests and convictions, one charge stands out. Records show that on December 23, 2014, Matt escaped from custody.

It all started on June 16, 2014 when Matt Frasier was arrested for the gross misdemeanor crime of possession of stolen property. It was his seventh arrest in Washington state for the Love After Lockup star. He was found guilty on July 11, 2014 and ordered to serve 364 days. Fortunately for Matt, it appears he was able to spend his time in county lockup and not in the state penitentiary.

Then with only about six months left to serve on that sentence, he escaped, according to his criminal file.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Escape

Why Would Matt Escape So Close to Release?

With just a few months left on his sentence, why would the multiple felon escape from custody. The obvious reason might be that Matt didn’t have access to meth in jail. He’s said on Love After Lockup that it’s his “drug of choice”.

Matt Frasier’s rap sheet shows he started out as a petty criminal with mainly burglary, drug, and retail theft charges. Starcasm wrote an excellent Love After Lockup article on one of his previous arrests. But what could lead him to escape custody and risk adding onto his current sentence?

A look at his Facebook page may provide answers. In addition to Matt posting on FB that he likes Coors beer and the movie Elf, he reveals something interesting. First, is that he doesn’t realize he shouldn’t be posting on social media after a jailbreak. Second, is that he actually had a “good” reason to flee jail – as excuses for that kind of thing go.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Is a Baby Daddy?

In January 2015, Matt Frasier posted a picture of himself holding a baby boy on his Facebook page. He even made it his cover photo. A friend of his asked “Is that who I think it is” — and Matt replied “Its my son”. Since the baby looks to be only a few weeks (or even days) old, it appears that Matt might have escaped from confinement to see his newborn child.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier - Facebook, Baby Son

Matt Frasier appears to be in a restaurant holding the baby. If he was concerned about being caught, it doesn’t show. But Love After Lockup fans know that Matt isn’t known for making the best decisions. The escaped convict’s freedom was short lived. Less than two months later, he was arrested in a stolen vehicle.

Then, a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm was added to his charges. His previous felony convictions prohibits Matt Frasier from owning a gun. He was sentenced to 55 months. This time in the state pen. So it looks like that two months of freedom he took from a half-year sentence put him in hard-core prison for nearly five years!

But it all seemed to have worked out in the end for the Love After Lockup meth addict. While serving his time in the big house, he met Caitlin and they embarked on their fairytale felon romance. The two are now living the sweet life at his mom’s house where she cooks and cleans for them as Matt avoids looking for work and a place to live.

However, Matt Frasier seems to be looking to escape responsibility with as much determination as he escaped jail. So who knows where he’ll wind up next. Watch new episodes Friday nights on WE TV.

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