‘Love After Lockup’ : Marcelino Meets Brittany’s Son – Twitter Fans Call Him Controlling

The Love After Lockup recap starts with ex-inmate Brittany taking beau Marcelino to meet her five-year-old son Giovanni. The boy has been living with his father Tito and his girlfriend Brandi. Marcelino has admitted that he is nervous about being a stepfather as he had a bad experience with his own stepdad.

He also balks about having to meet Brittany’s ex. Tito also did time in prison for distributing meth. Marcelino mocks Tito after Brittany calls him to tell him they will be arriving soon. On season 2 episode 8 “She Said Yes” of WE Tv’s runaway hit, here’s what happened.

Brittany Reunites with Son Giovanni on Love After Lockup

On Love After Lockup Brittany is excited to reunite with her young son Giovanni who she hasn’t seen in two years. Marcelino will go with her. Giovanni is staying with his dad Tito and his girlfriend. Marcelino didn’t have a good relationship with his stepfather.

So, he is concerned about taking on the role but is committed to Brittany. The couple discuss the visit on the way to Tito’s house. He says the thought of her “baby daddy” bothers him. Marcelino says he won’t take any disrespect. Brittany asks him not to cause any problems.

Brittany calls Tito on the way. After she hangs up, Marcelino mocks Tito’s voice. Brittany fears that if Marcelino upsets Tito, he will use her son as a pawn. They arrive at Tito’s home. Mother and son are overjoyed to be reunited. Tito helps Giovanni shake Marcelino’s hand.

Tito Schools Marcelino

They gather by the pool. Brittany is eager to have her son come for a weekend visit. Marcelino asks Tito if he had a stepfather. Tito says he was raised by one. Then, Marcelino is standoffish and reveals his stepfather was not a good man.

Tito tells Marcelino that labels don’t matter as long as Giovanni’s needs come first. Later, Tito tells producers that there is no need for hostility on Marcelino’s part. He is eager for Brittany to be a part of their son’s life.

They agree that Giovanni can go visit for a weekend. Brittany says goodbye to her son on Love After Lockup. The poor kid cries and says he doesn’t want her to leave. Brittany and Marcelino agree that moment was hard after they leave.

Fans Find Marcelino Aggro and Controlling

Fans of Love After Lockup have expressed concerns about what they consider aggressive behavior by Marcelino. The backlash began right after their first date aired. Fans called Marcelino controlling when he removed Brittany’s salad plate while she was still eating from it.

Brittany ended up walking out after telling him not to speak to her that way. Later he was considered rude when she introduced him to best friend and former cellmate Sascha. Brittany has not revealed to Marcelino that she recently reconnected with ex-girlfriend Amanda.

Viewers Concerned for Brittany

Love After Lockup fans have tweeted concern for Brittany. One tweet called out his attitude during the visit to her son “trash” (see above). Others called him a gas lighter and a narcissist. Fans also tweeted about her being secretive about Amanda.

WE TV watches saw Brittany took her jailhouse ex to shop for wedding dresses with her. They fear Marcelino will be angry when he finds out. But, she has come to his defense on Twitter. She says he is a good guy who has vowed to love and support her and her son. He also does not judge her past.

She expressed confusion over fans’ ire. Brittany also reminded them about the editing that goes into reality tv. Some fans began tweeting messages of support. As Soap Dirt reported, the couple is now married and expecting their first child. Brittany has also tweeted that Giovanni is now with her full-time.

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