‘Love After Lockup’: Lizzy Copeland Shares Meaning Behind New Tattoo

Love After Lockup celeb Lizzy Copeland (the ex of Daniel Valentine) recently showed off a tattoo. She has done a lot since appearing on the flagship WEtv show. And she seems to do much better now than the last time watchers saw her on the show.

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland Gets New Tattoo

Love After Lockup alum Lizzy Copeland showed off her recent tattoo. She went into the meaning behind the design she chose and why it’s significant for her. Daniel Valentine’s ex chose a tiny airplane behind her ear. Along with the outline of the aircraft in black ink, there’s some shading work as well.

In addition to showing off her new art, she talked about the inspiration behind it – and the inspiration may surprise some Love After Lockup fans. She captioned her latest photo with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche: “The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly”.

Certainly, judging by Lizzy Copeland’s latest piece, she drew inspiration from the German philosopher’s quote – and recent events in her life, too. Lizzy said her latest body art is a “gem”. And she said she is “super in love with it”.

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Kicked Daniel Valentine to the Curb

Lizzy Copeland first met Daniel Valentine at a fast-food drive-thru window. The pair exchanged numbers and quickly hit it off. With Daniel behind bars, that certainly put their plans on hold to build a life together. And once Daniel was out on Love After Lockup, Lizzy was ready to settle down and get things going with her man.

On Love After Lockup, Lizzy Copeland wanted to marry and start a family. And to get that ball rolling, they needed to secure a wedding venue and more. Rather than put money toward a wedding venue for the pair, Daniel bought a car. And it was clear to Lizzy that the couple were not on the same page. Once it was clear that they had different priorities, they went their separate ways.

Love After Lockup: Lizzy Copeland

WEtv Celeb Doing Her Own Thing

Since filming Love After Lockup with Lizzy Copeland, Daniel Valentine found someone new – and the pair tied the knot. Meanwhile, Lizzy focuses on herself and what’s best for her – including going to school. Certainly, she did a lot since filming WEtv scenes with her ex.

Lizzy Copeland is currently in the bachelor’s program at her university. Meanwhile, back in August, she got herself a motorcycle too. Even though her Love After Lockup relationship imploded on national television, she said she is happy with where she is now – and that “life is great”.

Certainly, her latest tattoo symbolizes where she is in her life – as well as where she is headed. Lizzy Copeland is candid with her Love After Lockup fans about things like her mental health. And even though she went through a lot, she seems to be in a much better place now.

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