‘Love After Lockup’: Lindsey Downs in Federal Prison – Release Date, Where She Is & How Long She’ll Serve

Love After Lockup felon Lindsey Downs is back in Federal Prison, and it looks like she will be there for a while. Soap Dirt dug up her expected release date. And we found where she’s being held after her release from the county jail. Meanwhile, on the show, Lindsey stirs the pot with Scott Bradshaw.

Love After Lockup: The Criminal Past of Lindsey Downs & Latest Crime Spree

The system released Lindsey from federal custody on May 1, 2020. Then, she and Scott got together with reality cameras rolling. A short seven weeks later, police arrested her in Mississippi on serious charges. Then, Lindsey got out of jail but was arrested again by a local sheriff’s department in July 2020. The court charged her with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute.

Lindsey Downs also faces a charge of Firearm Possession by a Convicted Felon. Out on bond on those charges, police nabbed the Love After Lockup star a third time after her federal release. The last time, the courts charged her also with Possessing a Stolen Vehicle and Property as well as Fleeing Arrest.

Reportedly, the Love After Lockup single mom’s activities caught her probation officer’s attention. Then, law enforcement picked her up again for Violation of Probation. Until recently, the Lafayette County Detention Center in Oxford, Mississippi, held her until the Feds could get her.

But what viewers see now, on Love After Lockup, is Lindsey Downs is still living and arguing with now-ex Scott Bradshaw in Olive Branch. That’s about 55 miles from where she was behind bars until just a couple of days ago. And now she’s another state away from him after their relationship fell apart.

Life After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott Bradshaw

Scott Bradshaw’s Girlfriend Imploding on WEtv Episodes

In a recent Love After Lockup episode, Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs have a confrontation. Lindsey believes Scott is cheating on her with prostitutes. She takes her anger out on his office after tossing some of his clothes out in the yard. She attacked his desk, gouging it with scissors after strewing papers around. Scott found her in his wrecked office and asked, “is this necessary?” Instead of engaging in her drama, he took a smoke break outside. Lindsey confronted him out there and asked him if he’s been seeing “wh*res.”

But it seems Scott doesn’t want to argue with Love After Lockup‘s Lindsey Downs when she’s wound up like this. Her behavior escalated on the WEtv show, and he thinks it’s not normal for her to act the way she does. Lindsey says she needed to release some anger and carved up Scott’s desk rather than his chest. Instead, she threw meds and papers on the floor and carved a  not-so-nice message to Scott into his desk.

Scott Bradshaw tries to laugh it off and tells Lindsey, yes. He says he met a hooker in prison — referring to her, obviously. But Lindsey Downs isn’t having any of it. She thinks he’s lying about his finances because she cannot locate his “resources.” But, Scott knows better than to reveal too much to her. Love After Lockup fans can’t be shocked that Lindsey dumped Scott after threatening to sleep with other men in his bed. This all happened before she landed back in prison, with another stretch to serve.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott

Love After Lockup: Frequent Felon Lindsey a Federal Prisoner Again – Here’s When She Gets out

As mentioned earlier, Lindsey Downs of Love After Lockup fame is back to being a federal inmate. Since July, the local county jail was warehousing her for the feds. Recently, we spoke to a marshal. They confirmed her transfer to Aliceville Federal Correctional Institute. That’s located in Aliceville, Alabama. She’s currently set for release a little over a year from now, on March 26, 2022.

However, with other charges piled up, the Love After Lockup repeat felon’s time behind bars might extend depending on those criminal trials’ outcome. For now, the earliest she’ll be out is early Spring next year. Watch for much more drama to come on WEtv as Scott calls the police on Lindsey Downs as she goes ballistic on him. It doesn’t look like there’s too much love there – and she’s definitely headed back to lockup on WEtv — and is already there in real-time.

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