‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey’s Pregnancy Update – Challenges and Cravings

Love After Lockup star Lacey and her husband, Shane Whitlow, will be welcoming a baby in the upcoming months. But, before Lacey gives birth, she has been dealing with many challenges. However, having weird cravings isn’t one of them.

Love After Lockup: Lacey & Shane Whitlow Have a Baby on the Way

Lacey and Shane Whitlow will soon be welcoming another member to their family. However, their pregnancy journey hasn’t been an easy one. The Love After Lockup couple sought out help from IVF to get pregnant. Shane and Lacey spent a lot of money on the process, so they felt like they only had one shot for it to work. And, they did get the good news that they were expecting not one, but three babies.

Unfortunately, the Love After Lockup pair found out devastating news. During Shane Whitlow’s first time attending a sonogram appointment, he and Lacey found out that they had lost two of their babies. But, on the bright side, their third baby’s development was on track and healthy.  Shane and his wife, Lacey, got very emotional about the news. But, they were grateful to at least have one healthy baby on the way. But, are they expecting a baby girl or boy?

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Life After Lockup

Lacey Struggles with Pregnancy

Lacey recently opened up about her pregnancy. This isn’t the Love After Lockup cast member’s first time being pregnant. She already has three children of her own. However, it was important for her to have a baby with Shane Whitlow. Lacey said that this time around, it has been more challenging for her. She even said that it has been “one of the most challenging pregnancies yet.” But, she is very “thankful” that she and Shane have a healthy baby.

The Love After Lockup reality star also spoke about having cravings during her pregnancy.  Lacey said that as of now, she doesn’t have any weird cravings. However, she does find something odd about her eating habits. Lacey said that she hasn’t been craving meat. She finds that interesting since she loves eating steak.

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Life After Lockup

Drama Continues for Love After Lockup Duo

Love After Lockup’s Lacey and her hubby, Shane Whitlow, is currently sharing their lives on WEtv’s spin-off. This season viewers will see a familiar face try to get back into Lacey’s life. When her ex-lover John Slater goes back to jail, she and Shane think he’s out of their lives for good. But, spoilers for the new season show that John is out of prison.

Life After Lockup spoilers also reveals that John Slater thinks Lacey will contact him once she finds out he’s back out in the free world. He had previously said that she is the reason why he was put behind bars again. But, he is looking forward to getting the chance of seeing her again. However, Lacey has made it clear that she has chosen Shane over John. But, there seems to be more drama ahead for the love triangle in the upcoming season.

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