‘Love After Lockup’: John Out of Jail – Should Shane Be Worried?

Love After Lockup cast member John Slater is officially out of jail – should Shane Whitlow watch his back? John was locked up not long after Lacey married Shane on the WEtv show. And, that cleared the path for Shane to move on with his wife without worrying about the other felon. But, will John make a play for Lacey now that he’s a free man?

Love After Lockup: John Slater Free Again After Months Behind Bars

It turns out John Slater is a free man once again. A representative of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court confirmed to Soap Dirt that the Love After Lockup star was released – and that he’s back on probation. John Slater has been in and out of jail a few times. But, at least for now, he’s on the outside.

But, even though John is out of jail, he still needs to watch his step. His probation is unsupervised. So, it’s up to him to make his own choices moving forward. Based on his recent stint behind bars, the court ruled it was sufficient time served. In case you didn’t know, the Love After Lockup star’s most recent arrest was for violating probation. And he was nabbed for DWI and possession last year, too.

Repeat felons have a habit of getting locked up again. So, John Slater may need to change his habits and social circles if he wants to stay out of prison long-term. One thing on the list to avoid is his toxic relationship with Lacey, as seen on Love After Lockup.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey - John Slater - Shane Whitlow

LALU: Lacey Juggled Two Men

Lacey juggled both men on Love After Lockup and spinoff Life After Lockup. And, even after walking down the aisle with Shane Whitlow, she still had lingering feelings for John Slater. Lacey and John knew each other in high school. And they have a long history. Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow took that as a threat to his relationship with her.

John Slater said on Love After Lockup that it’d only be a matter of time before Lacey came crawling back to him. And, despite everything they went through recently, John still wants to marry her. Certainly, it’s worth watching to see if John reaches out now that he’s no longer in the clink. Should Shane Whitlow worry about losing Lacey?

Love After Lockup: Does Shane Whitlow Need to Watch His Back?

Lacey, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater’s tension was their storyline focus on Love After Lockup. And, with John free, Lacey could find her way back to him despite marrying Shane. Lacey locked lips with John and saw him behind Shane’s back on the WEtv show. Now, the door is certainly open for that once again.

Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey focused on their marriage with John in jail and out of the picture. Even so, they still have their issues. At one point, Lacey claimed her husband abused her. Now, she offers paid relationship advice despite her own bad choices with men, chronicled on Love After Lockup.

Lacey said if she were single, she wouldn’t bother with just one man. She said she would go out there and try “all the flavors”. Meanwhile, she encouraged her single Love After Lockup followers to “go out there and find some d***”. Whether or not she takes her own advice and pounces on newly-free John Slater is the big question.

All things considered, it seems Lacey and Shane are in a good place. But, John Slater’s release could certainly throw a wrench into that happy marriage.

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