‘Love After Lockup’: Is Dylan the Hottest Ex-Convict Ever on WEtv?

Love After Lockup finally introduced Dylan on the most recent episode of the WEtv show – is he the hottest ex-con ever? Heather says that she is a model. But, it’s Dylan’s good looks that caught the attention of a lot of viewers.

Love After Lockup: Dylan the Best Looking Ex-Con Yet?

This isn’t the first time Love After Lockup followers swooned over a former criminal. A lot of female fans comment regularly on how attractive John Slater is. And, how Lacey should choose him over Shane Whitlow for that reason. But, it looks like Dylan may take the crown on the new season of the WEtv show.

Heather said on Love After Lockup that it was basically love at first sight for her when she met Dylan five years ago. And, a lot of viewers share that sentiment when it comes to the latest WEtv bad boy. With his model features and magazine-ready smile, many viewers think he’s the best looking former criminal yet.

Love After Lockup: Dylan

Heather Not the Only One Swooning

Heather said on Love After Lockup that Dylan is “sexy” and “strong”. Meanwhile, when describing her man, she made guttural noises on camera. So, it’s clear he does it for her in the looks department. She spent a lot of time in the previous episode shopping at an adult store, too. So, it’s clear what she wants to do as soon as he gets out.

Heather and fiance Dylan were not intimate in the five years they’ve been together. He got picked up a few weeks after they met for selling ecstasy to an undercover cop. So, the pair seem more than ready to make up for lost time. And, even the cashier seemed to like Dylan’s picture when Heather showed off her man.

Meanwhile, a lot of Love After Lockup female fans feel the same way about Dylan, too. And, this isn’t the first time a sexy criminal caught national attention. Jeremy Meeks is a former gang member who became a fashion model after his mugshot was shared online back in 2014. And, it’s possible Dylan could use his good looks in a similar way now that he’s no longer behind bars.

Love After Lockup: Dylan - Heather

Love After Lockup: Do Heather and Dylan Make It?

WEtv introduced Dylan and Heather in the most recent Love After Lockup episode. And, they’re the last new couple on the current season of the show. Meanwhile, even though watchers get to know the pair, they’ve been together for five years. And, Heather went to see him every Saturday and Sunday during his time behind bars.

Whatever Dylan decides to do in terms of career aspirations now that he’s no longer in jail, it’s clear he has a growing fanbase of Love After Lockup watchers waiting to see what he does next. Meanwhile, whether or not the extra attention from other ladies causes drama in his relationship with Heather is also something to see.

Currently on Love After Lockup, there’s a lot of uncertainly as Dylan prepares for release. And, Heather said she hopes their connection is “just as strong” once he’s out. But, whether or not their relationship pans out is another unknown for the pair. Moreover, even if things don’t work out with Heather, it seems Dylan has a lot of female admirers eager to take her place.

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