‘Love after Lockup’: Huge Vince Update – Leaves Amber in the Dust

Love After Lockup celebrity Vincent recently made a major announcement about his future. And, he seems to be officially over his ex Amber Eggers of LALU. These days, he’s ready to move on and change things for the better. Now, we have the latest update on Vincent and where he is in his life right now.

Love After Lockup: Vincent Puts Amber Eggers in Rearview

Love After Lockup viewers know Vincent was extremely smitten with Amber Eggers and he did everything for her. Clearly, she didn’t feel the same because there was no affection or intimacy. Then, it came out that she and her mother along with prison-wife “Puppy” planned to scam him.

So, of course, that was the end of their lackluster romance. Since then, Vincent has moved on and found someone new. And, she seems just as in love with him as he is with her. So, it looks like Vincent is completely over Amber and how she played him. Now, the Love After Lockup alum is moving forward and loving life.

Love After Lockup: Vincent - Amber

Love After Lockup: New Love For Vincent

Love After Lockup star Vincent has a new lady love and she looks genuinely happy with him. Unlike, his ex, this girl is smitten with him returns his affection. Not long ago, there were some photos of the couple circulating and they looked happy as can be. Recently, more has come out about them and they are still going strong.

As many LALU fans are aware, Vincent is big on spreading positivity and motivation. Also, he is very thankful for all he has in life and makes sure to express his gratitude. No doubt, this lady has something to do with that and shares the same outlook. Now, Vincent of Love After Lockup is ready to begin the next chapter of his life with her.

Officially Engaged and Happier Than Ever

Love After Lockup castmember Vincent proposed to his girlfriend not long ago and was able to capture it on video. Judging by the video above, he took her to her favorite restaurant where he planned to pop the question. No doubt, they are super-cute and head-over-heels for each other. It was a sweet and emotional proposal and she quickly said yes.

Of course, that prompted cheers from the folks in the restaurant. Additionally, the engagement ring is stunning and Vincent’s future bride was over the moon. Plus, the comments were full of well wishes and congrats. Surely, Vincent fans wish the happy couple well. Follow along with Vincent and his fiancé as they plan their future together.

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