‘Love After Lockup’: Dylan Shows Off New Woman – See Pic

Love After Lockup leaks say Dylan (Heather‘s ex) has a new woman. A big part of his storyline with Heather this season is him getting out of jail after five years. Heather is ready to marry her man and start a life together. But, it looks like he kicked her to the curb for someone else.

Love After Lockup Leak: Dylan Has a New Girl

The latest pics show Dylan cozying up to a new woman – and it’s not Heather. Love After Lockup content showed Heather getting ready to pick up her man after years behind bars. After so many years in jail, she is ready to kickstart their lives together out in the world. But, it looks like he already moved on with someone else.

Recent pics show the Love After Lockup celeb up close and personal with a mystery woman. And, the pair seem rather friendly. Along with being wrapped around each other while out on the town, there are even snaps of the pair locking lips out in public. So, things look serious for them.

Love After Lockup: Dylan

Dylan Kicks Heather to the Curb?

Heather said in the most recent Love After Lockup episode that waiting for Dylan to come out of prison is like waiting for Santa to bring her Christmas gifts. She went all-out to make sure everything went smoothly following his release. But, based on these latest pics, it looks like Heather doesn’t get the happy ending with him she wants.

Heather said in previous Love After Lockup episodes that meeting people isn’t a problem for her. But, getting them to stick around is. She is ready to walk down the aisle with her man and begin their lives together after only seeing him on weekends for the last five years. But, it’s clear he likes spending his time with someone else instead.

Love After Lockup: Dylan - Heather

Love After Lockup: Major Spoiler for WEtv Pair

WEtv watchers are just getting to know Dylan and Heather on Love After Lockup. But, him with a new woman is a major spoiler for their storyline. Whether or not the dynamic is the same once inmates are back on the outside is always a concern for everyone in love with a felon. And, their chemistry being different is something Heather worries about in current episodes.

Meanwhile, it looks like her worst fear becomes a reality for the model and her Love After Lockup love interest. Dylan’s mystery girl added in recent updates that she got his attention. So, that could mean she lured him away from Heather. It’s possible Heather and Dylan get into a major fight once he is no longer behind bars. Or, it could be the transition to civilian life is hard on the former inmate and he finds other ways to cope.

Heather said on Love After Lockup that Dylan had a reputations as a partier and womanizer. And, that all he wanted to do was get “fu**** up” and be intimate with “everyone”. So, it looks like he goes back to his old ways despite Heather wanting to settle down with him.

Either way, this is a major leak for their storyline as things likely deteriorate in their relationship following his release. And, unfortunately for Heather, it seems all those years she invested in Dylan don’t pan out the way she hoped.

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