‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Says He Knows Nothing About Drugs – Fans Doubt It

Love After Lockup star Clint Brady recently denied knowing anything about drugs in a video. In the clip, Clint said he didn’t take drugs but knows they’re not good for you. But, fans don’t believe him. Instead, they think Clint knows a lot more than he’s letting on.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Video Comes After Tracie Wagaman Trouble

There’s a lot going on in Clint Brady’s life right now. In addition to this strange video, he’s allegedly seeing another woman. According to his wife Tracie, her hubby ran off with an obsessed fan. But, Clint’s yet to confirm this.

However, in this video he seems to talk about his past with Tracie. In the clip, he said that he looks back at his past. He said, “it’s like wow.” Then, Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady said that if there’s one thing he knows for sure, it’s that “crack is whack and you got to stay off that”.

The LALU cast member quipped about Tracie running off on their wedding night. Back then, Tracie took the rental car and wound up arrested, accused of another drug charge. So, Clint Brady said in the video that he puts himself in that situation. Then, he said he hopes “that’s not going to happen to me or anyone else again”. Back then, Love after Lockup cameras captured it all.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Life After Lockup


Clint Brady Said He’s Never Been around Drugs

Although Clint Brady knew Tracie had a drug problem before they got married. He claims to not know much about drugs before her. Now, in Tracie’s latest arrest, police allegedly caught her with illegal drugs again. And, he was with her when cops busted his Love After Lockup wife. Yet, Clint Brady rambled in the video that he’s “never been around that stuff”.

Then, he denied knowing anything about drugs. Clint Brady said he doesn’t “know much about any drugs”. But, he says he knows “they’re bad.” Yet, his history with “that stuff” says otherwise. When Tracie was arrested, Clint was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. So, was he being funny with this video or does he expect Love After Lockup followers to believe it?

Fans Don’t Believe Love After Lockup Celeb

Love After Lockup viewers don’t seem to buy what Clint Brady says. First, if you watch the video above, it’s troubling. He seems erratic and repeats himself. One fan said: “well that was very convincing…not!” They also said that Clint should check himself “into the nearest rehab”.

While another viewer said: “the amount of rambling he’s doing suggests otherwise”. Many commenters suggested he was not in his right mind while filming this video. On the other hand, some Love After Lockup fans feel bad for Clint Brady.

One said, “I do feel bad for them both. I hope they can stop”. Another viewer said that his behavior “is so embarrassing and so sad too”. So, what Clint Brady hoped to accomplish with video is unclear. But, most that watch are hoping he gets help.

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