‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Looking Good – Quits Booze and Finds Love

Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady made some huge life changes since kicking Tracie Wagaman – and his drug habit – to the curb. Meanwhile, he even put the bottle down. Clint also has a new woman on his arm. What else is the WEtv celeb up to?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Happy in Ohio

Clint Brady moved to Ohio after things deteriorated publicly with estranged wife Tracie Wagaman. It was a fresh start for Clint. And, it looks like he makes the most out of that opportunity. Alice Brady cut him off and kicked him out of the house when he was still with Tracie. But, she helped him get a place in Ohio. And, he seems much happier there.

Clint Brady told a Love After Lockup fan recently that he moved there for “love”. And, it looks like he found that with Genevieve. In a recent live video, Genevieve joked about the way Clint hid her for nearly five months. Meanwhile, even though Clint Brady is technically still married to Tracie Wagaman, he lives out in the open with Genevieve as his girlfriend.

Clint said recently that he quit “hardcore drugs”. And, that he has been clean since October/November of 2019. But, that’s not all. He quit drinking alcohol, too. And, he seems serious about living healthy. He even shares pics with Love After Lockup watchers of his cooking. And, it looks like he’s in a much better place overall.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Genevieve

LALU: Clint & Genevieve Talk About Relationship

Some Love After Lockup fans see Genevieve as a home-wrecker. And, even Tracie claimed she was Clint’s mistress. But, according to the pair, that’s not the case. Genevieve said they talked for months before feelings developed. And, according to her, they didn’t “rush into anything”. She said they weren’t intimate with one another until about a week ago.

Clint Brady and his new lady love seem to have a good energy about them. And, they told Love After Lockup followers that they have a “healthy relationship”. They exchanged jokes and back and forth witty banter together. And, they genuinely seem happy as a couple.

Meanwhile, this is drastically different from what Love After Lockup viewers saw with Tracie Wagaman. Even though Clint Brady and Tracie had their good moments, there was a lot of toxicity and drama in their relationship. And, at least in the early stages, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Genevieve.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Genevieve

What’s Next for the Pair?

Even though Love After Lockup star Clint Brady and girlfriend Genevieve have only been out publicly as a couple a short time, many Life After Watchup watchers want to know when they plan on walking down the aisle. As of right now, Clint is still Tracie Wagaman’s husband. And, he’s waiting for his six-month residency in Ohio before he officially divorces his wife.

According to his timeline, he said he should be free of Tracie Wagaman by July. So, that’s definitely something to watch for next month. There have been a lot of ups and downs for Clint as far as Tracie Wagaman goes. And, it looks like he’s ready to put that part of his life behind him for good.

Meanwhile, Clint and Genevieve talked about some of the things they want to do next. They said they want to look into starting a podcast. So, that’s definitely something to watch. For now, it looks like they enjoy each other’s company. And, as an added bonus, Genevieve said she gets along with his mom, too.

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