‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady in Trouble Again – Neighbors Want Him Gone

Love After Lockup star Clint Brady is in trouble with his new neighbors in Ohio – and they want him out. Clint is supposed to have a fresh start away from estranged wife Tracie Wagaman in a different state. But, it looks like bad habits may have followed him there, too. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady Too Loud?

Turns out Clint Brady’s apartment complex served the Love After Lockup cast member with an official noise complaint. And, according to the letter, this is after “multiple warnings” over noise coming from his patio. In addition, Clint Brady has to pay a $25 fine for the violation.

Clint Brady moved to Cincinnati after all the drama that went down with Tracie Wagaman in recent months. Meanwhile, his mother, Alice Brady, even helped Clint get the apartment. But, if he keeps up with his current behavior there, he may get the boot.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

LALU: Clint Defends His Actions

Clint railed against the penalty online. In his mind, he wasn’t “loud”. And, Tracie Wagaman’s estranged husband feels his new place suffocates him. So, with the way things are currently, this new start doesn’t seem to go as well as he hoped it would.

Love After Lockup followers keeping up with Clint Brady in real-time know he often does live videos outside his home – likely on the patio mentioned in the noise complaint. In those live videos, Clint is often drunk. And, he rants about a number of different topics to his viewers. So, that could certainly be the source of the complaint from his neighbors.

Meanwhile, according to Clint Brady, someone asked him to turn down music playing from his phone a few days ago. And, the way he sees it, the main problem is that he lives in a complex now. So, if he does end up getting the boot, he may want to consider living in a house away from people.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

What’s Next for the Love After Lockup Celeb?

One of the big questions Love After Lockup viewers have is whether or not Clint Brady gets his life together now that he’s no longer with Tracie Wagaman. WEtv watchers know that was a toxic relationship. But, it seems he still engages in some bad habits even without Tracie around.

Whether or not he gets his act together is definitely something to watch moving forward. The Love After Lockup celebrity said he isn’t using “hard drugs” now. But, he is usually drunk whenever he does a live video for Love After Lockup fans. This is in addition to a few other things Clint did recently like texting and driving. And, that incident led to him totaling his car.

At least for now, the apartment complex isn’t evicting the Love After Lockup alum. But, it’s worth seeing how he responds to this recent complaint – and whether or not he changes his behavior moving forward.

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