‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady Arrested & Back in Jail – When Will He Get Out?

Love After Lockup star Clint Brady was arrested Monday and already had one court date that sent him to jail. Records show he remains at Clermont County Jail after being booked on Monday after a court hearing. Soap Dirt was able to verify the WE tv star’s current legal battles and explain why he’s in jail and for how long.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady in Legal Trouble Again

Clint Brady landed himself in more trouble with the law after a year of keeping his nose clean. Local police stopped him on January 21 for driving on a suspended license. Then, the court issued a warrant for his arrest for violating his probation. That relates to a DUI charge from Feburary, 2020. That time, police stopped Clint for a traffic offense and charged him with DUI and marijuana possession but the latter charge was later dropped.

In September, we reported that Clint seemed to be living clean since his breakup with Tracie Wagaman. He’d relocated from Texas to Ohio to be with his new Goddess Genevieve. Now, Clint Brady’s new charges seem to indicate he’s not clean and sober now. The court charged the Love After Lockup alum last month with Driving Under the Influence and Driving on a Suspended License.

Clint’s suspended driver’s license came from last year’s DUI arrest. In Ohio, a suspension charge comes if you’re caught driving after a previous OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) charge. This charge links back to last year’s DUI charge, where his license was suspended. So, it seems Clint Brady of Love After Lockup can’t stay out of trouble, even after ending his volatile relationship with Tracie.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady

Court Case and Jail Time Explained

On February 1, Clint Brady was in court for the suspended license arrest from the week prior. In Court, he pled no contest and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. The court issued a commitment warrant conscripting him back to the Clermont County Jail. But, his court issues are far from over on Love After Lockup.

Driving on a suspended operator’s license violated his probation from his DUI conviction from last year. The court set a $50,000 bond for that charge. Now, Clint’s due back in court on February 8 for breaking his probation. It looks like legal troubles abound for Love After Lockup star Clint Brady.

For now, Clint’s definitely set to spend 45 days in jail. Then, depending on the court case next week, there may be more jail time ahead. He has a probation hold now and will have to see what happens next week during his next court appearance. Meanwhile, Genevieve is waiting to get some Love After Lockup. She says she loves Clint and is counting the days until he’s out, waiting on him to come home (see below).

Love After Lockup: Genevieve Bailey

Clint’s Fresh Start Turns Sour Post-Love After Lockup

Fans of the WE tv show know that Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman split. Then, he met a new lady and relocated to Ohio. After getting with Genevieve, he seemed to turn his life around, giving up drinking and drugs. His mother, Alice Brady, who kicked him out over some of these issues, helped him find a new place to live. Now Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady is behind bars

But with one arrest last year and this new one, are things unraveling for the Love After Lockup castmember? According to Tracie, they’re still hitched as she likes to remind people now and again. For now, Clint Brady remains in jail in Ohio with more than 40 days left to serve. We’ll update you when Clint’s out of jail and what happens with his next court hearing.

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