‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany’s New Baby Pic Leaked – Grandma Slip-Up Quickly Deleted

Love After Lockup‘s Brittany and Marcelino are expecting on the show. Brittany pregnancy rumors have circulated for quite some time now. But, it wasn’t until the last episode of the show that Brittany admitted to one of her former jail buddies that she was pregnant. At that point on the show, Marcelino was still unaware that he would be a father. However, in real life Brittany has already had her baby.

Now it appears that Brittany’s mom accidentally posted the newborn’s picture on social media.

Love After Lockup: Brittany’s Mom Posts Accidental Reveal?

Brittany’s mom recently posted a photo on social media of Brittany holding a baby. The caption reads: “My beautiful daughter Brittany and my twin ,my granddaughter…”.

Brittany’s mother quickly deleted the photo. But, not before Love After Lockup followers got a screenshot. Brittany and her mother also attempted to do damage control following the accidental slip. After deleting the snap, Brittany’s mother claimed it’s not Brittany’s baby with Marcelino. She said it was another of her grandchildren. Even so, many fans are not convinced.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Instagram

Love After Lockup: Brittany Answers Fan Speculation

It didn’t take long for Brittany to answer Love After Lockup fans. Following the post, many believe it’s her baby by Marcelino. Brittany took to Instagram to shoot down the speculation. She wrote: “How do you know if that’s not my sister’s baby or something?” Brittany called the speculation “Hilarious” and seemed to downplay it. She said that she has five sisters, implying that the baby could belong to one of them.

That’s not all that Brittany left viewers with, though. She asked why fans can’t be patient regarding the baby speculation. Further, she hinted at a big reveal coming up. According to Brittany, viewers will “find out in a week or two.” If true, it certainly looks like Love After Lockup watchers can expect a reveal of some kind within that time frame.

Love After Lockup: Brittany - Marcelino Baby Registry

Marcelino and Brittany Baby Teasers

The Brittany and Marcelino baby speculation has been going on for quite some time. Months ago, a baby registry was uncovered online. It was registered to a Brittany and Marcelino from Las Vegas. Further, Brittany and Marcelino both posted a collage of their baby pictures on Instagram. They asked fans who they think a baby would look more like if they had one. This fired up the baby chatter once more.

If the baby in the recent snap isn’t Brittany’s, fans will surely be waiting for more information in the next two weeks. Perhaps it will be a gender reveal. There’s also the possibility that Brittany has been waiting for the right time to reveal her child publicly. Either way, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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