‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany Dodd Santiago Wants Mom Out of Her House

Love After Lockup star Brittany Dodd Santiago brings her mother, Cynthia, home to her house to get her clean. But, she wants her out soon. Hubby Marcelino Santiago isn’t happy about this turn of events.

Brittany is relieved her Mom isn’t on the streets but understands life will be difficult until Cynthia changes her life.

Love After Lockup: Not Feeling Guilty – Brittany Dodd Santiago Says Mom’s Actions Landed Her on the Streets

Love After Lockup’s Brittany Santiago says in a video that she doesn’t feel guilty about her mother living on the streets. Brittany realizes her Mom’s actions landed her in the gutter. Brittany admits she and her sisters pushed Cynthia, her mother, away because of her addictions.

Both of them in the same house will be difficult. But, Brittany is willing to help her mother get clean. It won’t be a lasting solution, but she believes they can manage one night.  Brittany Dodd wants to see her mother succeed in life. This Love After Lockup castmember aims to have a plan when Cynthia is ready to enter recovery.

Brittany Santiago realizes Marcelino isn’t happy with this Love After Lockup situation. Cynthia has relapsed and stole and wound back up on the streets in the past. Brittany wants to help Cynthia but put her entire family in danger to find her mother in an effort to help her get clean.

Love After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago

WEtv Marcelino Santiago Reaches the End of His Patience with Cynthia

Marcelino Santiago of the WEtv show Love After Lockup goes with his wife Brittany Santiago to find her mother. Still, he feels there is risk involved for their family. Marcelino can’t see any sense in putting their family and kids in harm’s way by hunting the streets.

Brittany’s husband doesn’t want Cynthia in the house for the same reason. Cynthia made her choices, and he supports Brittany to a point. But Marcelino has reached the limit of what he is willing to do for his mother-in-law.

According to Marcelino, Brittany Santiago will go to “extraordinary lengths” for someone she loves. He realizes her heartfelt loyalty to her mother.

But, Marcelino Santiago has no such bond with Cynthia. His family’s safety comes first. Love After Lockup’s husband Marcelino thinks Brittany should use “tough love” on Cynthia to bring her around.

Love After Lockup: Cynthia

Love After Lockup: Mom Cynthia is Receptive to Recovery

We tv Brittany knows tough love does not work for her mom. She hopes that having Cynthia in the home with her and Marcelino will keep Cynthia safe short term.  Until it’s time to make a plan for this Love After Lockup family. Brittany is amazed her mother is open to talking about recovery. That is something her mom has never agreed to before.

Mom Cynthia is taking constructive criticism very well this time. An emotional Cynthia speaks of her own mother and how hard it is to be strong with her. Daughter Brittany Santiago is concerned Cynthia isn’t sincere.  She worries her mom may be stringing her along in exchange for a safe place to stay.

Brittany does not have a relationship with her grandmother and hopes her mother doesn’t wind up in similar straits.

Marcelino Santiago puts in his two cents, telling Cynthia something definitely has to change. He knows it will be difficult for Cynthia to kick the habit, but having your family around is worth the pain. The long-term plan may be for Brittany Dodd Santiago and Marcelino to take Cynthia to Alaska to work out her own problems with her mother as part of her recovery process.

This Love After Lockup family has many hardships to overcome as this season unfolds.

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