‘Love After Lockup’: Angela’s New Felon Enrages Tony

Love After Lockup spoilers report Tony loses his cool soon when he learns that Angela Gail plans to reconnect with old felon-flame Ross. Now, it seems like Tony may make a grand gesture in an attempt to get Angela back on the WEtv reality spin-off Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Update: Tony Vows to Win Angela Gail Back

Currently, Tony is bent on getting his life with Angela Gail back on Love After Lockup. It’s been four months since he and Angela split, and it is hitting Tony hard. Recently, he said being away from Angela all this time has made him realize he doesn’t want to be without her. And, he wants to be a better man for her. So, he tried to connect with her and plead his case.

Of course, she wasn’t having it and lashed out at Tony. No doubt, Tony caused Angela Gail a lot of pain with all of his antics. So, she wants nothing to do with him. However, that’s not stopping Tony. Soon, he gets wind of her plans to reunite with her former flame. So, Tony takes off to her house to stop her on the next Love After Lockup.  

Life After Lockup: Tony

Angela Reconnects with Ross

WEtv reported recently that Angela Gail of Love After Lockup has a video chat with old prison pen-pal Ross coming up. Soon, she opens up to her best friend, Tommy, and tells him she plans to chat with Ross soon. Surely, that can’t be easy for Tommy to hear seeing as he once had feelings for Angela. Perhaps, he’s moved on and accepted that they will only be besties. Soon, viewers get a glimpse of Ross on Angela’s computer, and he certainly looks happy to see her.

Also, she blows Ross a kiss, so she’s not holding back. However, it looks like Tony is about to interrupt her reunion with Ross. So, Angela Gail is sure to be livid and may tell her ex to mind his own business. Remember, Tony had his fun running around with prostitutes and strippers. So, Angela Gail likely feels that it’s her turn for some fun. But, he’s not giving up on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Tony Flies Off the Handle

Soon to come on the next episode of Love After Lockup, Tony flips out and says that now Angela is the one acting like a child. Also, he says her meeting with Ross is “bullsh*t.” So, Tony may get to her place in time to see her talking to Ross—and he loses it. Not to mention, Ross is not in prison anymore.

So, Angela is free to see him whenever she wants as long as he’s COVID-free. However, Tony might do whatever it takes to end her new relationship before it begins. No doubt, it will be interesting to see how it all goes down between Tony and Angela Gail when he catches her chatting with Ross on Love After Lockup.

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