‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Waves Bat at Tony in New Quarantine Series – Did He Cheat Again?

Love After Lockup comes back with an all-new quarantine edition in September featuring Angela Gail and Tony. A brand new season of the main franchise is just underway. But, watchers can expect more from returning favorites during this spinoff series. What do we know so far about the upcoming episodes?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Quarantine Series Coming to WEtv

Viewers looking for even more Love After Lockup spoilers don’t have to wait long. Turns out, the new LALU quarantine series premieres in September. Currently, WEtv doesn’t reveal an exact premiere date. But, after teasing the fresh content for weeks now, fans have a better idea of when they’ll be able to tune in.

Many other networks make quarantine-inspired series with the current COVID-19 pandemic in full swing. Popular franchises like 90 Day Fiance and Married at First Sight have popular cast members film themselves without the help of a full production crew. And, based on teasers, this Love After Lockup spinoff gets the same treatment.

Meanwhile, along with Tony and spouse Angela Gail, Love After Lockup watchers see other familiar pairs like Marcelino and Brittany Dodd Santiago, Lacey and Shane Whitlow, Sarah Simmons, Michael Simmons, and more. So, it’s definitely something to watch for viewers interested in the original cast members.

Tony Strikes Out with Angela Gail?

Love After Lockup spoilers from the new quarantine spinoff show Tony on the outs once again with Angela Gail. This is a familiar pattern when it comes to this duo. And, it looks like the former felon does something to rile his wife up yet again.

This time around, Love After Lockup spoilers show Tony with his hands up in a defensive position. Meanwhile, Angela Gail waves a bat in his face in an accusatory manner. Angela hacked into his phone numerous times in the past. And, she flipped out when she found he talked to other women behind her back. In addition, she even set his things on fire. Did he do something similar while stuck in lockdown to get her going?

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony

Love After Lockup Pair Throw in the Towel – Did WEtv Film the Breakup?

Love After Lockup split chatter followed Angela Gail and former felon Tony for the last few months. They started updating social media less as a couple and more as individuals. Tony is busy promoting his business online. He sells candles, cleaning products, and other bathroom essentials. And, that seems to take up the majority of his time.

Meanwhile, Angela Gail doesn’t update her pages as often as she used to. After months of speculation, WEtv recently confirmed that the pair called it quits – even though they’re technically still married. Angela said recently that she believed Tony needed someone to stay on him in order to keep him in check. But, it looks like that strategy eventually backfired.

COVID-19 quarantine puts a lot of stress on couples. And, Love After Lockup pairs are no different. It’s possible watchers will see more of what led to Angela and felon Tony calling it quits. So, that’s definitely something to tune in for when the new episodes air.

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