‘Love After Lockup’: Angela Gets a Surprise Proposal – ‘Indecent Proposals’ Recap

This week’s Love After Lockup episode Indecent Proposals was heavy on the indecent part. Angela got a huge surprise when her pal Tommy proposed. But she only has eyes for Tony. Some couples got busy, and some were left frustrated with the lock of a door.

Things get more awkward for Vince and Amber after a shopping spree. Lacey and Shane are thrown out of a store for sleazy stuff dressing room antics. And Cheryl puts that stolen motel blanket to good use on a mountain top with Josh Hyatt.

Let’s break it all down in this recap. You can catch Love After Lockup Friday nights at 9 pm on WE tv.

Love After Lockup Recap: Angela Gets a Shocking Proposal

This Love after Lockup recap has Angela back home smoking a cig after a steak dinner and mad dash to the halfway house. Her prison lover Tony chose steak over a BJ after getting sprung. So, Angela’s hanging out with her BFF Tommy. Tommy grills her about Tony’s motives. After all, Angela sent him money in jail. Angela admits Tony refused sex and plays it off as him respecting her. Even mild-mannered Tommy knows this is BS.

Then, Tommy tells Angela it’s not too late to walk away. But Angela’s starry-eyed over her ex-con. Tommy leaves choked up and afraid he’ll lose Angela if she marries Tony. And in a rare and tender moment on this crazy train of a show, we realize Tommy’s in love with Angela. Then, he turns around and goes back to her.

Inside, Angela’s doing an aside with Love after Lockup production. In a bombshell moment, he confesses he’s taking a risk and wants to marry her. But, quicker than she could ash her cigarette, Angela shoots him down. Poor Tommy. After knocking him back into the friend zone, she tells cameras that she’s all about her young sexy prison dude. Even though he chose a medium rib eye over her. Good luck with that.

Daniel Freaks Out in The Car on Love After Lockup

On Love After Lockup, Daniel’s finally a free man. Girlfriend Lizzy is there to greet him along with his mom Teresa. Mama doesn’t hide the fact she can’t stand Lizzy. Daniel walks out and Lizzy grabs him and insists he “quit being awkward and just love” her. Teresa’s visibly annoyed. Then, the trio heads into the night with Daniel in the backseat. Lizzy wants sex with Daniel but finds the many face tattoos off-putting. 

Unlike most of his Love after Lockup cast mates, this freedom ride doesn’t excite Daniel. Instead he’s freaking out and screams at his mom to slow down. Then, Lizzy tells him to calm down. Also, she reminds us she’s keeping a big secret and isn’t sure he’ll forgive her. (Every season has the “big secret” right?) Now, it isn’t the best time to come clean since Daniel’s acting like a two-year old having a tantrum in his car seat.

Andrea Wants a White Wedding

On Love After Lockup, Andrea is upset with prison lover Lamondre. He’s set to get out in 48 hours. But she’s not happy that he disrespected her. It seems Lamondre wasn’t too happy his girl did a photo shoot for her sunglass company in the buff wearing just body paint. She chats with an ex cellie who explains prison emotions. Then Lamondre magically calls his friend while Andrea’s right there. He says sorry and it’s all back on.

Later, Andrea shops for a wedding dress with her mom and sisters along. Sister Tiffany joins but admits she’s worried about Lamondre’s rep. Yet, Andrea dreams of the kind of life she will have with Lamondre. Since he is wealthy from drug dealing, she says they will be a glam power couple. Later, Her mom finally shows up, but more to tell her she’s making a mistake than to help say yes to a dress on Love After Lockup.

Cheryl Gets a Hill-ish Hookup With Josh – Love After Lockup

Cheryl picked up Josh fresh outta prison for robbing a bank. The serial killers fetishist (and mom of 3) can’t wait to start her life with her newly-freed felon. Josh needs to report to his parole officer to get his deets on his post-prison requirements. But Cheryl plans a pit stop. She stole a blanket from her motel so they can get nekked on a hillside. The cameras roll during this literal quickie.

On Love After Lockup, Josh admits he prefers a thicker woman. But, since Cheryl’s a good kisser and gives him money, she’ll do. Later, at the parole office, Josh gets the news that he’ll wear an ankle monitor – and has to parole at his mom Tina’s house. This doesn’t sit well with Cheryl. She complains his mom hates her and treats her like garbage. Lots of fun mommy issues with this new cast.

Vince Rubs Amber The Wrong Way

The awkwardness continues for Amber Eggers and Vince. After Vince cooked up some bland steak for his prison paramour, Amber went to bed solo and locked the door. She even told her sister things were kind of strange with them. Amber admits he’s really not her type. In the past, she was into bad boys – not controlling military types, Vince suggests they go shopping so Amber can get some clothes.

On Love After Lockup, Amber doesn’t want dresses, skirts, or bare midriff. For some twisted reason, the sales clerk suggests a jumpsuit to the recent parolee. Amber’s not feeling it and says she needs Spanx. Vince mentions she should get some workout clothes. Ouch. Amber’s not sure she’s down for that. They argue and one thing is for certain – Amber’s gonna lock her bedroom door again tonight.

Lacey Teases Shane and Leaves Him Hanging

On Love After Lockup, Lacey takes Shane to breakfast after picking up the 21-year-old from prison. Clearly, Shane’s in awe of the older career web cam girl. He thinks she’s the “beautifulest” woman he’s seen. He wants to know why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Well, that’s because she’s got a fiance who’s about to be paroled…

Lacey tells Shane she divorced a controlling husband and he can’t believe his luck. He thought he was being catfished. After small talk, bacon, and eggs, the two go shopping for duds for Shane. He tells the clerk he just got out of prison and the clerk says “how cool”. Shane tries on a suit and Lacey’s all into it because there’s slurping and moaning in the dressing room.

While prison seemed cool to the clerk, this ick is not – so, he kicks them out. Shane’s eager to get to the hotel with Lacey. But she kills the mood with adjoining rooms. But she stops by in mismatched lingerie to grind on him. Then, she jumps up and leaves him hanging – then locks her door. Maybe he can catch her on her cam show. Love After Lockup airs Friday nights on WE tv.

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