‘Love After Lockup’: Angela New Hairdo and Makeover Takes Off 10 Years (See Pics)

Love After Lockup’s Angela Gail, wife of repeat felon Tony, is sporting a brand new look. Her softer new look is flattering so maybe it’ll keep Tony from going astray with strippers and hookers. No doubt, Angela’s look before the makeover was a little rough around the edges. But now, she’s looking polished and pretty. Check out the before and after pics below to see a brand new Angela Gail from the WE tv reality show.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail Gets a New Look – What Does Tony Think?

Love After Lockup‘s Angela Gail has a fresh new look that’s something to see. Usually, Angela dresses down in her scrubs. And, she’s often without makeup or styled hair. Certainly, Angela goes for comfort over fashion. But, lately she changed things up. The Life After Lockup star got a dramatic and very impressive new makeover.

Now, Angela’s wearing makeup that that is making subtle and flattering changes to her appearance. Surely, her eyes pop and her skin looks better. Plus, her hair now looks great with shiny waves instead of its usual thinner, more processed appearance. No doubt, the Love After Lockup celeb is looking good. And there may be a reason behind it.

Surely, viewers know Tony has a hard time staying away from other women. He’s a self-admitted sex addict with a predilection for working girls. Despite that, Angela Gail’s stuck by her man. Although she made him a list of things to stay away from (including prostitutes), perhaps Angela thought a makeover was also a good idea. And the Love After Lockup certainly looks glam with her new look.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony


Angela and Tony Struggle to Make Things Work on Life After Lockup

It’s no secret Love After Lockup couple Tony and Angela have their share of problems. Mostly, it’s because Angela can’t trust Tony to stay away from other women. Ever since learning he cheated, Angela Gail cracked down on him. They fight all the time and she’s even spied on him thinking she’d catch him in the act.

At first, it seemed like Tony might be using her just to get back on his feet. Lately, though, on Life After Lockup, it seems like he truly loves her and is trying to make it work. But, Angela Gail’s suspicious, so it’s going to take a lot to prove to her that he can be trusted. Of course in real life, fans should know that Tony and Angela married a while back.

And they’re still together and making a success of their Love After Lockup relationship, it seems. Check out Angela Gail’s before and after pics below. She looks a decade younger with the soft blond waves and subtle makeup. So, good for her.


Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Tony Wants to Be Better for Angela on Love After Lockup

Tony, of Love After Lockup renown, seems to genuinely want to change his ways and be a better man for Angela Gail. Recently, they visited her pastor on the WE tv program. And some sad and disturbing things about Tony’s past came to light. Surely, it made her see where his behavior comes from – but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

So, the three of them put their heads together to see how he can make changes for the better on Life After Lockup. Of course, all that happened awhile ago when they were filming the LALU season airing now. On the recent Life After Lockup episode, Tony saw he’s repeating bad behavior he endured as a child. And, he wants to break the cycle.

So, it looks like he’s trying to step up and be the kind of husband Angela needs and deserves. So, maybe their newfound happiness inspired her dramatic new makeover. Watch Fridays on WEtv to follow Angela Gail and Tony on their journey – and fingers crossed the cameras were rolling at their wedding in October 2019.

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