‘Love After Lockup’: Angela and Andrea Give Advice on Dating Inmates – Tips From the Pros

Love After Lockup stars Angela Gail and Andrea Edwards give advice on how to date an inmate. The two also share what their time was like on the WEtv show. They discuss the hardest part of loving a jailbird plus some other juicy tidbits.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail Shares the Hardest Part of Waiting for Tony

Love After Lockup star Angela Gail says the hardest part while waiting for Tony to get out of prison was the uncertainty. Would he ever be able to come home at all. Remember, the first time he was supposed to be released he never showed. Tony left Angela waiting at the bus stop.

So, for Angela Gail, the anxiety of not knowing was the hardest part. At first, Andrea Edwards and Angela Gail joked that learning how to cook a steak perfectly was the most difficult part. No doubt, Tony loves his steak – More than anything else.

But, not knowing what to expect is the worst. Also, they dished about who their favorite Love After Lockup couple is.

For Angela, her favorite is Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman. She says Clint is authentic and so dramatic – even more so than Andrea Edwards, she jokes. Angela thinks Clint is so sweet and he loves Tracie so much.

Tracie puts him through “pure hell” but she’s still his “goddess” in his eyes, says Angela. Also, she likes Tracie because she puts it all out there on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony

Favorite Moments on Love After Lockup

It was hard for Angela to answer Andrea’s question of what her favorite memory of her time on Love After Lockup was. Of course, because she’s had so much drama with Tony there hasn’t been a lot of good stuff. But, she says her favorite moment was when she got to hug Tony at the bus stop when he first got out. Angela’s favorite moment of Andrea and Lamar – even though she hates to say it – is when Andrea Edwards found the condoms. She snapped on him and whooped his butt.

Andrea Edwards admits she not a violent person at all but she just snapped. Of course, Angela doesn’t blame her. Andrea’s favorite moment of Tony and Angela was the sexy librarian photoshoot. Plus, she loves the solitude and scenery of where they lived. Her favorite memory of her and Lamar on the show was their wedding. However, she was glad a lot of stuff was edited out. For example, Lamar’s friends smoking marijuana and her Mormon friends praying for them in the corner on Love After Lockup.

Andrea Edwards Shares Her Experience on LAL

Love After Lockup cast member Andrea Edwards talks about the hardest part of waiting for Lamar Jackson to get out of prison. It’s when she was pregnant with their daughter Priscilla. She was alone and in a dark place. She wanted to be with him as their baby grew and share that experience with him. Plus, her pregnancy hormones were raging. Also, Lamar was terrified to get out of prison and come home. He was in there so long it was hard for him to readjust to life on the outside.

At one point, it was so bad Andrea was worried Lamar would try to do something to stay in prison longer. Andrea Edwards’ favorite couple from Love After Lockup is Clint and Tracie as well. For a while, she was rooting for them. She loves Tracie because even though she ran out on Clint after their wedding, she left the ring. Both ladies still love Tracie and haven’t given up hope on her. They wish them both the best.

Andrea and Angela’s Advice for Future Cast Members – Love After Lockup

Life After Lockup stars Andrea Edwards and friend Angela Gail share a bit of advice for anyone interested in joining LAL. Andrea’s one piece of advice for dating someone in prison is – don’t do it. She says it isn’t for the weak. It’s a lot of lonely nights. Also, be careful not to isolate yourself. Andrea admits she did and put herself in her own kind of prison.

Angela agrees with Andrea that she isolated herself as well on Love After Lockup. And, she distanced herself from friends. Because she was always writing letters and waiting for phone calls from Tony. Her piece of advice is to live in the moment and not worry about what is going on behind bars and why they’re not calling. You need to enjoy your life outside of prison.

And finally, be tough because social media is a beast. If you are a sensitive person LAL is not for you. Also, let your fans know you love them. And, show appreciation for former cast members that went before you. They are the OG’s that paved the way. Keep an eye out for more Love After Lockup videos from your favorite cast members.

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