‘Love after Lockup’: Andrea Has Face-to-Face Showdown with Lamar’s Daughter Shante

Love After Lockup spoilers promise that Andrea Edwards sits down with Lamar Jackson’s older daughter Shante soon. Andrea and Shante attempt to clear things up and put the past behind them. The goal is for them to come together as a family on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Andrea Edwards Makes an Effort with Shante

Love After Lockup spoilers see Andrea Edwards ready to put it all on the table with Shante. She feels that Shante blames her for the lack of a relationship with her father, Lamar. Shante believes that Andrea won’t let Lamar spend any time with her.

Coming up, she assures Shante that is the farthest thing from the truth. Andrea Edwards expresses to Shante that she wants to feel accepted. But, Shante says she barely knows Andrea, and she would like to change that. She thinks she and Andrea should get to know each other better on Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards

Shante Gets a Different Perspective

Love After Lockup updates, find that Shante sees Andrea in a new light soon. All this time, Shante has felt like Andrea kept Lamar away from her. But she says it’s Lamar’s fault that they lost all of those years. Along with a chance at a father-daughter relationship. Andrea Edwards is blunt when she says that she didn’t know if Shante was a brat or not.

So, she didn’t want all that drama falling on her children. Andrea doesn’t want to cause more issues for her kids. Shante understands that she wants to protect her children on Love After Lockup. At the same time, she is still her father’s daughter, and that is never going to change.

Shante is mostly hurt because they have created a family unit, and she was omitted. And Shante feels an effort should be made for her to be a part of it. So, this seems like a positive turning point for them on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Shante

A Fresh Start on WEtv

Spoilers for Love After Lockup shows us a new beginning in store for Andrea Edwards and Lamar’s oldest daughter. By the end of their talk, Lamar’s wife tells Shante that she has a kind heart.

Soon, it looks like the air will be cleared, and they can come together. Andrea is excited to extend the family and spoil Shante’s children, who are essentially her grandkids.

It seems a new chapter is ahead as Lamar blends his old life with his new one. It looks like the beginning of a close relationship between Shante and her step-mom on Life After Lockup.  

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