Love After Lock Up: Lizzie Says No Love For Scott, Meth Head Matt Rages, & 2 Women for Michael – S02E01 Recap

The Love After Lockup season 2 episode 1 recap starts with Lizzie telling her man, Scott, they’ll have separate bedrooms. Meth head Matt rages at his mom and bae Caitlin. Plus another convict plays two women for fools. No one looked happy (except the fans) by the time the premiere episode was done. Let’s dig into what happens on ‘The Virgin and The Trick’ as the crazy WE TV reality show did not disappoint.

Love After Lockup – Second Season For Scott and Lizzie

When we last saw Scott at the end of season 1 of Love After Lockup, he was puking under a tree after learning Lizzie would not be released as planned. Luckily, Lizzie has a good lawyer (that Scott is paying for) and she is now eligible for release. Scott is relocating to Wisconsin where Lizzie will get her parole.

He is house hunting and telling his realtor about Lizzie. Scott met his honey on the go-to website for seeking a lover behind bars – Meet An Inmate. Over the past three years, he sent her thousands of dollars. And in his words, Scott risked his savings, friends and family.

LAL: Lizzie – Queen of Sexy Prison “Cellfies”

Love after Lockup Lizzie is doing time for multiple DUIs and parole violations. She still manages to take sexy selfies or shall we say “cellfies”. She also convinced  many guys on the outside to send her cash. Lizzie phones Scott (collect of course) as he gushes about the house. The realtor looks a little scared and then things get worse.

Lizzie is annoyed Scott is house hunting without her. The woman, now accustomed to showering with inmates, demands a pool. Scott points out that the house has three bedrooms. He’s thinking one for him and Lizzie and a room each for their kids. She bluntly states she needs a separate bedroom as she “doesn’t want to have sex right away”.

Scott’s Realtor Bolts – TMI on Love After Lockup

The befuddled realtor bolts on overhearing the TMI tidbit. Lizzie babbles on about being sober and finding God. You can see the blood drain from poor Scott’s face (and other parts). Dude has put up with her s*it for three years and gave up 90k. Now he’s buying her a house. Maybe a house with a pool will get poor ponytailed Scott laid at last.

Scott goes to meet, Jazmyne, Lizzie’s daughter . Jazmyne hasn’t seen her mother in a decade. In a very sad moment on Love After Lockup, the girl blames herself for her mom’s incarceration. She feels having a child was too much for Lizzie. Things only get worse when Jazmyne meets Scott. He admits to giving Lizzie money for drugs while she was in prison.

Jazmyne is livid about this and vows to get him out of the picture. She wants her mom to reconnect with her and move on as an independent woman. After Scott pays for everything first, of course. Scott looks like he is about to puke and cry at the same time. Nothing good happened for the poor befuddled trucker on the season premiere of Love After Lockup.

Caitlin Keeps a Secret From Matt on Love After Lockup

Fans of WE Tv’s Love After Lockup meet a new couple – Caitlin and Matt. He’s about to be released any day. He was locked up for possession of a firearm and eluding police. Caitlin was bored one night and perusing Craigslist when she saw his ad looking for a pen pal. She admits she was immediately “obsessed”. She also admits that she sounds creepy. We concur.

Caitlin corresponded with Matt for five months and visited four times. Strangely, her family’s not on board with her plans for Love After Lockup. So she’s packing her stuff in trash bags to move in with Matt’s mom (but he doesn’t know that yet). Caitlin’s friend helps her while questioning her life choices. She’s uprooting her life for a felon she’s seen a few times.

Her pal wants to know if Caitlin will wear panties. She also asks what if his D isn’t up to par. Caitlin is willing to take that risk for her hunky inmate and hopes her panties are off moments after her paroled paramour is let loose. Obsessed indeed…

Matt’s Mom Warns Caitlin

On Love After Lockup, Caitlin leaves her mom’s house to go meet her new roommate: Matt’s mama. Caitlin’s mom is uncomfortable with Matt being a felon and kicked her daughter to the curb.  Evidently. Caitlin’s had a rough life and her mom is a druggie. So Mother of Matt welcomes Caitlin with a hug and they both cry.

She shows her to Matt’s room. They laugh at one of his school pictures. Caitlin reveals she has been keeping their friendship and plans secret from Matt. His mom reality checks the lovestruck redhead. She tells Caitlin that it’s not her first rodeo and that Matt has relapsed on meth and was sent back to prison three times. She warns he has a short fuse and anxiety issues.

Matt’s Not Happy With Caitlin’s Detour – Hangs up on Her

As the two women bond over their shared love for the felon, he calls up. Caitlin reveals where she is and who she’s with. Matt is not happy and that short fuse blows right up. He accuses them of playing games and lying. Mom scoots from the room to let Cait deal with the angry inmate.

She is a little shocked at his vitriol. He says he’s not happy with this detour. Time’s running out and she says they will talk tonight. He says she won’t be getting a call tonight. She angrily demands a call and the irritated inmate hangs up. This new couple is off to a rough start on Love After Lockup.

Twice Married Clint Thinks He’s a Catch

Clint, a hotel desk clerk has two marriages under his belt. He tells producers of Love After Lockup that he considers himself quite the catch. Perhaps that explains why he trolled on Meet An Inmate until he found Tracie. Clint reached out via snail mail and the felonious blonde wrote right back. Clint is smitten. Tracie’s about to be sprung and Clint wants to marry her the very next day.

There’s one small glitch in the plan. Clint needs some extra days off work. He meets up with his boss Hailey who also happens to be ex-wife number one! Hailey sports a classic Kate Gosselin jacked up hairdo and dangly cross earrings. He asks for days off and she asks why. Clint giddily tells his ex he’s gonna marry his prison bae. Hailey’s nose twitches and she admits concern.

Clint’s Dad is a Dr. Phil Fan

On Love after Lockup Clint heads to the grocery-deli his parents own. He needs to tell his parents about his wedding plans. His mom makes him a sammie as he spills on marrying soon-to-be-paroled Tracie as soon as she’s out of her orange jumpsuit. She marches him to the office like a teacher hauling a truant to where his dad sits waiting behind the desk.

Clint tells his pop he’s fixin’ to buy a suit because he’s going for round three of wedded bliss. And she’s a criminal. Clint’s dad looks up from ordering pastrami in bulk and remarks that he’s seen too many Dr. Phils and this is a bad idea. Clint gets indignant and later tells producers he’s all in. Even if Tracie turned out to be a serial killer, he’d still put a ring on it. Good luck Clint.

Michael and Megan Talk Love and Beyonce

New couple Micheal and Megan talk on the phone on Love After Lockup. Before hanging up he asks if she loves him more than Beyonce. Megan and Michael are engaged. She met him through her cousin when he suggested she talk to him while he did his time. WTF with a cousin like that – sending you to talk to a prisoner? This should go well.

A year and a half later they are engaged and Michael is about to get parole. FYI, he has a young daughter. So, Megan plans to travel to Michigan to get Michael when he is released. She also reveals that she is a virgin. She’s eager to hand him her v-card the day he’s sprung. Megan’s been keeping her prison paramour on the down low from her family.

Baby Mama Drama

Megan’s dad Donnie (sure to be a fan favorite on Love After Lockup) stops by to check on his baby girl. Papa is NOT happy about her plans and has legit concerns. He wants to know why Michael’s incarcerated. It seems his original crime was grand theft auto at the tender age of 13. Michael is serving time now for a parole violation. He witnessed a crime and refused to snitch.

Dad Donnie has friends in law enforcement. He knows all about the scams prisoners run on women. Even more concerning he wonders whether Megan is ready to handle “baby mama drama”.

Then Megan assures her father that she can handle it. Besides, Michael loves her not the mother of his little girl – or so she thinks. Viewers know better soon… Next week should be explosive if both show up to get that man out of jail.

Our Booties do The Work For Us

Later, Megan is getting ready for Michael’s release by taking an online class on how to smush her man. The instructor pops her backside and tells Megan that during sex our booties do the work for us. Megan practices the moves on her living room floor. Props to the instructor for her excellent backside dexterity.

Next up on Love After Lockup, Megan shops for lingerie with friends who are surprised she’s still a virgin. They question what she will do if the sex is bad, Love-struck Megan is sure Michael won’t disappoint. And hey, her bootie will be doing all the work. They bring up the issue of the pesky other woman in his life. Megan reiterates that she’s the one Michael loves and she can’t want to meet his daughter Aviana.

A Big Surprise On Love After Lockup

It’s the end of the Love After Lockup episode (or so we think). But then no! There’s one more player in this game.

Meet Sarah – Michael’s baby mama. She’s chasing cute daughter Aviana around the house. She tells producers she can’t wait to bring Michael home so they can be a family again. They’ve been together six years and are engaged. This amazing cliffhanger is sure to bring back viewers next week.

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