‘Little People, Big World’ Zach Roloff Plays Soccer With Baby J – Cute Video

Little People, Big World fans know that Zach Roloff went to play for North America in the Dwarf COPA World Cup tournament. Last night, Tori Roloff posted up some Instagram photos showing Baby J rocking a soccer jersey. Additionally, she treated fans to a shot of Zach’s welcome when he arrived home. However, the cutest thing she shared was a Story video of Zach and Baby J playing soccer. The video story’s further down in this article.

‘Little People, Big World’ star welcomed home

Zach arrived at the airport from Argentina and Tori snapped a photo of him next to Baby J. The photo showed Zach with a huge piece of card. Written on it were the words, “Welcome Home Dada.” Plus, “we love you,” and “we’re so proud of you.” Zach looked very happy to be back with his family.

Tori’s little boy, Jackson, later featured in another photo, and that’s where the cuteness overload began. The second photo showed Baby J rocking a COPA soccer jersey. The number 7 jersey looked so nice on him. Obviously, it’s all about soccer in Little people, Big World right now.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff
Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff – Image credit – Tori Roloff | Instagram

‘LP,BW’ – Baby J playing soccer with Zach Roloff

After a hug and a welcome home greeting by Baby J, it seems Zach lost no time in getting into a few soccer lessons with the LPBW toddler. First up, Zach wore his special COPA outfit, and Baby J sported his really neat jersey. Below, you’ll also see the pre-video picture of the pair.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff - Zach Roloff
Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff – Zach Roloff – Image credit – Tori Roloff | Instagram

Next, the football came out and it was time for a few soccer lessons in the house for Jackson. As Tori said in the Little People, Big World story, Baby J needs some lessons as he prefers to pick up the ball, rather than kick it. However, he started to get the idea and Zach coached his son very patiently. The video shows Jackson loving playing with his dad, but when he got told not to pick up the ball, the little fellow seemed puzzled. No doubt he’ll get the hang of it in time.  One day, we may actually see Jackson playing for North America at the COPA tournament. Zach does coach soccer, according to a Fox 12 Oregon report. That’ll give Baby J the edge over the competition!

The Dwarf COPA tournament

Fans of Little People, Big World wished Zach all the best as he set off to represent the combined US/Canadian soccer team last week. The first international tournament of its kind was historic. News 24 Sport explained the event will help “tackle social prejudices.” Teams from Brazil, North America, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru took part. A Moroccan team received a special invitation to participate.

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