‘Little People Big World’ Zach Roloff Plays Soccer For America – Bids Baby J Goodbye

Little people Big World star Zach Roloff just became famous for playing soccer. Fans of the reality TV show know how much he loves the game. Now, he’s playing for North America in the first ever Copa America Dwarf World Cup. Before setting off to Argentina though, he bid Baby J goodbye. Apparently, it wasn’t easy as he posted a story on Instagram of the moment.

‘Little People, Big World’ star heads for Argentina

Fox 12 Oregon reported on Zach Roloff heading to Argentina. They talked with Zach about how it feels to represent America at soccer. He’s already famous for the Little People, Big World show, but his new fame is something completely different. No doubt, he’s making Oregon proud yet again. In his interview with MORE’s Molly Riehl, he said, “it’s like a mini-world cup for people with dwarfism.”  He added, “The South American teams will all be there.” Additionally, he explained that the North American team is a combined USA and Canadian team.

Asked how it feels to be a “pioneer in the sport now,” Zach replied, saying that he hopes it “takes off in more countries.” He’s hoping it will bring more teams to the World Dwarf Games. Then he mentioned Baby J has dwarfism too, and he hoped when he gets older that he too, will have the opportunity to play if he wishes to. On the competition, Zach Roloff seems thrilled that once again, there’s a window to “educate people about those with differences.” Fans of Little People, Big World, know that’s always been the aim of the reality TV show.

‘LP, BW’ star Zach Roloff says goodbye to Baby J

Zach Roloff took to his Instagram for a poignant moment where he said goodbye to his son, Baby Jackson. Actually, Baby J, fast asleep may not have known his LP, BW‘ dad would be away for a while. In the post, Zach captioned, “When you leave for Argentina but need to say BYE to this kid first.”

Little People, Big World Baby J sleeping
Little People, Big World Baby J sleeping | Zach Roloff Instagram

However, Tori Roloff’s post also included in the Instagram story by Zach, indicated that they would follow Zach. The next image was captioned, “Dad, He’ll meet ya in Argentina.” This time, the photo showed a wide-awake Baby J wearing a mini-backpack, towing a wagon with his toys. No doubt, fans of Little people, Big World can expect many Instagram photos if they do meet Zach in Argentina.

Little People, Big World Baby J wagon
Little People, Big World Baby J wagon – Tori Roloff | Instagram

Up and away to Argentina to play soccer

Zach’s third photo in the story showed him on a plane, presumably on the way to Argentina to play soccer for North America. Certainly, it looked like everyone’s excited to be on their way to play in the Copa America Dwarf World Cup tournament. Along with Zach Roloff, other players in the North American squad include Winnipeg’s Vivek Bhagria and Manorville’s Johnathan Horton.

What do you think of Zach Roloff being selected to play soccer for North America? Would you also find it hard to bid goodbye to little Baby J?

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