‘Little People, Big World’: What Does Jeremy Roloff Do for a Living?

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff may no longer be on his family’s hit TLC show. But, he has still been able to provide for his growing family. Throughout the years, Jeremy has had a few side businesses. All while making time to help with Roloff Farm. Continue reading to find out how one of the eldest Roloff kids makes a living.

Little People, Big World: Jeremy Roloff Leaves TLC Show

Jeremy Roloff was apart of 18 seasons of his family’s reality television show. He shared with viewers his journey with his now-wife Audrey Roloff. Over the seasons, Jeremy and Audrey had fans follow them from the beginning of their relationship to their wedding day. The show also covered the couple entering parenthood.

Almost two years ago, Little People, Big World’s Jeremy Roloff, and his spouse Audrey decided to leave the show. It is not known how much money Jeremy made during his time on the show. But, due to the popularity of it, it could be estimated that he made several thousand dollars per episode.

Although, Jeremy Roloff still helps out around the farm. Surely, most of the time, it is to help out his dad. But, he and Audrey did appear on the pumpkin season episode. His dad, Matt Roloff, said on the show that his son’s job was to interact with the guests.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff - Ember Jean Roloff - Bode James Roloff

Jeremy Writes Best Seller Book

Back in 2014, Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey created a blog called Beating 50 Percent. The blog talks about “all things that cultivate covenant marriages.” Audrey and Jeremy also talk about their relationship and how they make their marriage work. Although, they don’t seem to be too active on the blog as of lately. So, they may no longer be getting any money from it.

Four years later, the Little People, Big World former cast member, then started a podcast with Audrey called Behind the Scenes. The couple speaks to “leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, TV personalities and friends” about “faith, work, and life.” Most podcasters make money off of their podcasts. So, there is a good chance Jeremy Roloff might be making some kind of income from it.

Jeremy Roloff is also a New York Times bestselling author. He and Audrey wrote a book called A Love Letter Life. The book is about the couple’s love story. They also speak about how they dealt with the difficulties they faced while dating and in their marriage. This book is seemingly their money maker. It must have been successful. Now, there seems to be another one in the works.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff

Little People, Big World Celeb Profits off Videography and Photography Skills

Jeremy Roloff is no stranger when it comes to being in front of the camera. He spent the majority of his life filming for a TV show. However, he also has some experience of being behind the camera. Jeremy went to school for photography. So, he has done some work in the visual arts industry. He made money being a wedding videographer.

However, the Little People, Big World reality star is still making money off of his visual arts skills. Jeremy Roloff is currently selling a preset to edit photos online. He said that the package he is selling is his “personal go-to pack.” Since it gives off an “old-school vintage vibe” that he likes his pictures to have.

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