‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Thanks Fans For Sweet Comments – Shares Baby Bump Update

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff thanked fans for their sweet comments on a social media post. After receiving such kind messages, Tori shared updated baby bump pictures. Tori gave birth to her first child Jackson Roloff back in 2017. Earlier this year Tori and her husband Zach Roloff announced on Instagram that they were expecting their second child.

Tori revealed that this pregnancy has been a lot harder on her than the first. However, she stated that she has been so lucky during this pregnancy. She is no longer sick and hasn’t had any complications. However, it was hard for the TLC star to accept the changes to her body.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Sent Positive Messages On Self Image Post

Tori Roloff posted a picture earlier this month online of herself holding her baby belly. In the caption she admitted that this pregnancy has been more difficult than the first. She wrote that she has “had a harder time accepting my body this go around.” Tori explained that she got a lot bigger faster than she did with Jackson. Tori added that “hearing people ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins definitely does not help.”

The Little People, Big World mom revealed that she had let her body image get in the way from enjoying this pregnancy. However, Tori received a lot of positive comments on that post from fans. In a recent post, Tori thanked her fans for those kind messages. She admitted that those comments gave her the confidence to post an update.

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TLC Mom Posts Bare Stomach Picture

Tori Roloff shared the first picture of her showing off her bare baby stomach pregnant with her daughter. In the caption of this picture, Tori Roloff included that she is currently 20 weeks pregnant. She also revealed that she is feeling a lot better than she did in her first trimester.

The Little People, Big World reality star posed beside her son Jackson. The adorable tot’s also showing off his bare belly. Tori explained that she doesn’t “think Jackson ‘gets it’ but he loves checking out his belly for baby”. Tori and Jackson share such a cute moment together. Jackson may not understand now, but he will soon be a big brother.

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Cravings and Baby Size Updates from Tori Roloff

When it comes to pregnancy cravings, Tori Roloff admitted that she doesn’t really have any. However, she does love eating gummy bears. Although, she isn’t too sure if it is a gummy bear craving. Since she loves eating them with or without being pregnant.

According to the Little People, Big World alum, her baby girl is currently the size of a banana. She added that it “is so fitting because Jackson is obsessed with bananas”. It’s like he knows that his sister is the size of one. The Instagram post included a picture of Jackson and his mom eating bananas together.

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