‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Steals Lilah’s Style

Little People, Big World‘s Tori Roloff said she stole her daughter’s style recently. And she wasn’t afraid to be a Lilah Roloff look-a-like when they went out to look at Christmas lights.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Loves Being a Girl Mom

Tori Roloff from the show Little People, Big World said she loves being a mom of a girl. Before Lilah Roloff came onto the scene, she enjoyed hanging out with Jackson Roloff all of the time. And now she said it is difficult to split time between her two children.

LPBW star Lilah Roloff always looks amazing because Tori dresses them up. Whether it’s for day to day life or a holiday, she always looks adorable. Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World said she couldn’t help herself, and she has to dress them up.

Sometimes Tori likes to match Lilah and her bro, Jackson Roloff. Little People, Big World celeb Lilah cracks herself up when she plays with her mom in the mirror. And Tori loves capturing pictures goofing off with her daughter.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff - Lilah Roloff

Tori Takes Lilah Roloff’s Accessory

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff said she stole Lilah Roloff’s style. In fact, she took Lilah’s plaid bow and wore it with her outfit. They even went out to see the Christmas lights with Tori wearing Lilah’s bow.

Fans of Little People, Big World said Tori looked cute with the bow. And they went on to say that they hoped that TLC’s Tori and Lilah would wear matching bows at some point. Tori looked like she had a good time wearing the bow out to the drive-through lights.

Tori, Lilah, Jackson, and dad, Zach Roloff, had a good time seeing the lights. And it didn’t look like Jackson or little sister noticed any difference in how their mom looked. As a matter of fact, they were too busy looking at all of the Christmas lights.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff - Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World Update: Lilah Makes Major Strides

Besides having great style, Lilah Roloff has made other major strides. It took Little People, Big World celebrity Lilah months longer to get to some of the initial milestones babies get to. In fact, it wasn’t too far before her first birthday that she learned how to sit up confidently.

Even when Lilah Roloff did learn how to sit up confidently, Little People, Big World mom, Tori said she didn’t like to do it. In fact, she said that her daughter would rather be on her back, looking over her head. She also told viewers that her body frustrates her a lot of the time.

Whatever the case, viewers from Little People, Big World said she’s doing great. And now she can crawl around a lot to follow her brother, Jackson Roloff, as much as possible.

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