‘Little People, Big World’ Tori Roloff Stressed Over Sick Puppy Murphy

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Thursday night (October 4), to share how worried and stressed she was about her puppy, Murphy. Murphy probably ate something he shouldn’t have and was sick the whole day. Tori’s family worried they might need to get him into surgery. Fans know that Tori lost her dog Sully from cancer. Sully died very quickly, resulting in heartbreak.

Little People, Big World – Murphy replaced Sully

Little People, Big World‘s Zach and Tori worried, which is understandable as they lost Sully, the same type of dog as Murphy. Obviously, the death of a pet is terribly hard to cope with, as they become fur-family. The joy of Murphy growing up with Jackson’s a time to treasure, but worry always comes with kids and puppies. Interestingly, Tori captioned her post in such a real, human way. When she wrote, it came across as a stressed mommy reaching out to share her stress. Furthermore, fans love it that Tori engages with them. Decidedly, it makes them feel like needed e-companions.

Tori captioned the post with, “Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. All the extra stress and work that comes along with having a puppy and a toddler. Yesterday I was reminded of why. Murphy ate something he wasn’t supposed to… as puppies do… and it made him really sick. He spent all day throwing up and we thought he may have to have surgery to remove it. It’s sad that it takes something going wrong for me to realize what I have and how grateful I should be for them every second of the day. No matter how crazy Murphy drives me he is a part of our family.”

Tori Roloff fans react to puppy Murphy being ill

It’s great to see how many Little People, Big World followers responded positively to Tori. Kindly, many of them gave her supportive messages about how hard it is to deal with toddlers and puppies. In fact, one person noted that sometimes it’s okay to not be “in love” with everything all the time. Meanwhile, others gave some advice on home remedies, but many felt the vet was the best thing for a sick pup.

Luckily, the Little People, Big World furry friend did get well again. Tori noted, gratefully, “Thank the lord it all passed and he did not need surgery! He is back to his durphy happy self and I’m grateful! ? love you murph durph.” That was good news, and therefore, many fans shared their heart-stopping moments when their pets became sick. Incidentally, motherhood and pets are common ground where celebrities and everyday people reach out and bond, even if from a distance.

What made ‘LP, BW’ Murphy sick?

As an example, to LP, BW fans, @reagan.n.watson shared her puppy story: “About a month after getting my pupper she ate something she wasn’t supposed to. Needless to say, I spend two hours outside in the dark going through each piece of poop to make sure it passed. There is no denying they are our fur babies ?.”

It seems that many things make dogs sick like this. In fact, according to an article by CBS News, things commonly found in your home sometimes make them ill. As a matter of fact, they noted seven top food types that may inadvertently affect your pet. Actually, they include “chocolate and chocolate-based products, plant foods” like “onions, garlic, leeks and chives, macadamia nuts…grapes, raisins, sultanas and currants.” Additionally, artificial sweeteners may pose a danger. Believe it or not, even unbaked bread dough’s harmful.

What do you think about Tori Roloff stressing over puppy Murphy? Do you believe your fur-baby is part of the family? What would you have done if it were your puppy that got sick?

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