‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Gets Spring Makeover – Feels Human Again

Little People, Big World mom Tori Roloff said she hasn’t felt human recently because of the difficult time she went through in the last two weeks. But now, she went and had a spring makeover and said it is the first time she feels like she might be okay.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff Looks Refreshed

Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World said her last two weeks have been very difficult. She revealed that she lost a baby right when she was getting ready to announce her pregnancy. Tori was eight weeks along when she went to the doctors, and they told her she had lost the baby two weeks prior.

Little People, Big World mom Tori Roloff said it was the worst experience of her life. As a matter of fact, she said that no parent should have experience the loss of a child. She said she barely felt like she was a human.

Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World went to get a makeover to feel better and human again. She went in for a tan and eyelash extensions. After that, she said it was the first time she felt like she might be able to be happy again.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff

Tori Focuses on Her Children

LPBW star Tori Roloff said she had to share her experience and loss. Without sharing it, she said she wouldn’t be able to share pictures of Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff. Tori said it was difficult to talk about her two children that are still with her if she didn’t talk about the baby that passed.

She went on to say that she was grateful that she has Jackson and Lilah. And that she would focus on the kids she does have there with her. Little People, Big World fans sent love and support to Tori Roloff and the family.

Little People, Big World celeb Tori said she hoped her story helps someone else. Fans thanked her for being open about the situation and shared their own stories.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World: Keeping a Sunny Outlook Despite the Storm

Fans of the TLC show said that Tori looks amazing with her new makeover. And not only that, they admire her for keeping such a good outlook when things are so hard. Little People, Big World celebrity Tori Roloff said that Jackson Roloff wouldn’t let her take photos of him anymore – but Lilah was up for it.

Viewers said she is a great mother. Tori said she knows she will look back on these days as the good old days. Tori did say some good things took place recently. One of those was Lilah Roloff getting closer to being able to walk.

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