‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff and Grandma Roloff Battle Online – Family and Fans Take Sides

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is in a war of words with Grandma Roloff. Matt Roloff‘s mom, Peggy Roloff, seems to keep putting her foot in her mouth when it comes to her granddaughter-in-law Tori. Communication is awkward between the two Roloff moms. The elder Roloff offended Tori it seems. Multiple attempts to apologize on social media only served to further alienate Tori.

The hurtful comments are about Tori’s second pregnancy with husband Zach Roloff. Recently, Tori took to Instagram to share an update on her pregnancy. However, that is when all the drama between Zach’s wife and his grandma Peggy escalated. Tori’s loyal fan base was fast to react. Also, the expectant mother also received heartfelt words of support from women in her inner circle. See how this real-life drama played out for the popular reality tv star.

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff And Zach Roloff Expecting A Daughter

LPBW couple Tori Roloff and hubby Zach Roloff announced in May they were pregnant with their second child. Fans of the show are elated to see the young couple expand their family. Recall the couple married on the Roloff Farm back in 2015 after a long courtship. The two welcomed their first child, son Jackson Roloff, in 2017. No doubt, Jackson is excited to be a big brother. The couple’s daughter is due this fall — November to be exact. So, the holidays will surely be extra joyous for the Roloff family.

Little People, Big World’s Jackson Roloff inherited the dwarfism gene from his father. Jackson is a little person just like his papa. So far, the Roloffs have not revealed if their little girl is of average stature or if she too is a little person like her big brother and dad. Regardless, this girl will be well-loved, and likely spoiled, by her large extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins.

LPBW: Tori Roloff’s Second Pregnancy Tougher Than Her First

The Little People, Big World mom-to-be is having much more challenging pregnancy with her daughter than she experienced with her son Jackson. Thankfully, Tori is not sick or having any complications. However, she is suffering from body issues this time around. The soon-to-be mom of two is finding it difficult not to compare this pregnancy with her first. The issue Tori is having is a body issue. Tori says, “I’ve gotten bigger a lot faster than I did with Jackson and I’ve become a lot more insecure”.

Comments from fans, family, and friends to Tori appear to be the root cause of her body image issues. It seems that someone either online or in-person made an unkind comment that heavily affected her mindset. The LBPW fan-favorite went on to say, “Hearing people ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins definitely does not help (for all our sakes-don’t ever ask a woman this question. Like ever)”.

Apparently, the comment about expecting twins was from Zach’s grandmother, Peggy Roloff. And this comment is what is fueling the feud between these Roloff women, affecting the Little People, Big World cast members.

Little People, Big World: Grandma Peggy Roloff Upset Tori?

LPBW’s Tori Roloff is having a hard time enjoying her second pregnancy. Although most fans, friends, and family mean well, sometimes they make comments that cross the line. In this case, it seems Peggy Roloff, mom of Matt Roloff, is the culprit. From the online banter, it is easy to deduce that Peggy Roloff was the one with the loose lips who asked Tori if she was expecting twins.

Compounding the matter is Peggy’s attempt to apologize. Zach’s grandma Peggy posted this as a comment on Tori’s IG post, “You are beautiful and a lovely baby maker. I’m sorry if I offended you.” So, in effect, Peggy outed herself to fans of Little People, Big World. Perhaps, she’s guilt-ridden. However, her attempt at making it right on social media seems to have backfired miserably. Tori apparently did not like the online apology.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff And Caryn Chandler Support Tori

LPBW  fans are quick to offer kind words of support to Tori Roloff. Words of encouragement are coming from the devoted following of the popular TLC franchise mom. More importantly, a few close female family members also weighed in. Tori’s sister in law and bestie Audrey Roloff was the fist to reply. Audrey posted this comment, “love you so much and grateful for your honesty here and desire to make people feel less alone”.

Matt Roloff’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler also offered Tori sweet words of encouragement. She reminded Tori, “you glow inside, out and always” Caryn also shared that she too suffers from body image issues and insecurities. Caryn posts, “Ugh ….the body image insecurity train. I ride it often myself”.  Seems many women close to Tori share the same insecurities and admire her bravery for openly sharing with the fans.

LPBW Fans Also Side with Tori Roloff

Many Little People, Big World devotees echo Caryn Chandler’s sentiments to her boyfriend’s daughter-in-law. They offer their own accounts of people asking them the same rude question of “are you expecting twins”. One fan even said someone was so bold as to ask if she was having triplets. However, one fan offered a plausible reason why people ask about Tori carrying twins. Instagram user rejn2k9 shared this,” my son is married to a twin, people ask her all the time if she is having twins”. Recall Tori’s husband Zach has a twin brother, Jeremy Roloff.  rejn2k9 further added, “people think your chances of carrying twins is higher.” That seems like a fair explanation.

Many people just don’t realize how harmful their words are to others. Some might see being referred to as a “lovely baby maker” as condescending. So, Peggy Roloff may have further alienated the mother of her grandson’s children. Hopefully, the feud between the Roloff moms ends soon. So Tori Roloff can enjoy a stress-free pregnancy from here on out.

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