‘Little People, Big World’ Spoilers: Zach Roloff Upset Amy Roloff Announced Engagement on Camera

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Zach Roloff is upset when Amy Roloff tells him about her engagement. Chris Marek and Amy will be taking their relationship to the next step. The couple is planning to have a wedding next year. But, before they can start planning they have to tell their family members about the exciting news. However, Amy seemingly forgets about one of Zach’s wishes. So, their conversation gets awkward.

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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Zach Roloff Finds out about Mom’s Engagement

Zach Roloff seemingly has a great relationship with his mom’s fiance Chris Marek. So, finding out that Amy Roloff will be marrying him shouldn’t be too shocking. However, telling Zach about her engagement didn’t go as Amy thought it would. After telling Zach the news about her new house, she tells him that she has more news to share.

Little People, Big World previews show Amy Roloff telling Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff that Chris Marek proposed to her. Amy says, “there’s some other news I got to tell you.” Zach and Tori have a worried look on their faces. Amy says, “I’m engaged.” Tori notices that Zach is not saying anything. So, to avoid the situation getting awkward she makes small talk about the ring and future wedding plans.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Zach Roloff - Tori Roloff

Amy Roloff Finds Son’s Reaction Surprising

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been dating for three years. Chris has seems to fit into the Little People, Big World family well. Amy is hoping that her family will continue to welcome Chris into the family. However, after seeing Zach Roloff stay quite Amy is not too sure where he stands with the idea of her marrying Chris.

Little People, Big World sneak peek explains that Amy Roloff has mixed feelings about Zach Roloff’s reaction. She says, “after I told Zach and saw his reaction” she found it shocking. Amy thought that her son would have at least congratulated her. But, she also thought that he may have not been ready to hear the news. She said that it “was literally a shock. No one was expecting it.”

LPBW Celeb Said Talking about Parent’s Relationships Is off Limits

Zach Roloff has been sharing his life with the Little People, Big World viewers for over a decade. He said that he has shared some of the most awkward and difficult times in his life. So, Zach told his parents that he didn’t want to talk about their new relationships while filming. If either of his parents were to take the next step in their relationships, he didn’t want to find out on camera.

Spoilers for this week’s Little People, Big World episode indicate that Zach Roloff is upset that Amy Roloff brought up her engagement while filming. Zach says, “I don’t want to be surprised by any news” of his parent’s relationships. He finds it disappointing that his mom didn’t remember that he asked her to not have those conversations with him on camera. Zach says, “no, I’m not putting up with that.”

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