‘Little People, Big World’ Not Canceled – More Roloffs to Come

Little People, Big World is not canceled despite a bunch of people running rampant with cancellation talk. If you’re an LPBW fan, don’t worry. This is a bunch of fear-mongering nonsense based on a couple of little words in a recent TLC press release about the new season. Here’s the truth.

Little People, Big World: “End of an Era” with Amy Roloff

So, what has people up in arms thinking that a TLC favorite show is over after more than 14 years? The press release from the network for the new season of Little People, Big World itself set tongues wagging. It reads that it’s “the end of an era,” talking about Amy Roloff moving off the farm.

While it’s true it’s the first season to tape with Amy Roloff living off the farm – it’s not the end to the whole show by any means. So, the only thing it’s the end of is her residency on the same property where Matt Roloff lives too. But the network did not say Little People, Big World is ending – and anyone saying otherwise is fibbing.

Last season in May, the show’s ratings were solid, landing it in the top five original cable shows. And none of the current cast members announced they’re done with the show. Plus, there is still plenty to tell of the Little People, Big World family’s story. Despite three of the children no longer on the show, there is still Zach Roloff and his adorable family. And people are more than excited to keep watching.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff

Gossipers Use TLC Release to Upset Fans

The release is innocent and doesn’t announce the last season of the TV show Little People, Big World. But some are using the release as an excuse for insane headlines that mislead fans. The show is coming back for its new season on September 29. It won’t be long until fans can catch up with all the latest with Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, and the rest of the family.

We know they’ve been taping the show recently, and there will be many adventures that will make up an exciting season of Little People, Big World. Jackson Roloff and his mother were the first to announce the season was coming at the end of September. And fans already have their DVRs set.

Despite the stir online, everything is going as usual — even with COVID-19. And fans hope to see Little People, Big World cast member Amy marry Chris on one of the future seasons. So, don’t worry about those misleading headlines. LPBW isn’t canceled. TLC has no reason to cut the show from its roster.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff & Family in the Top 5

To give viewers of LPBW an idea of how popular this family is — they attract millions of viewers each episode. In fact, two-plus million people watch each episode, and they’ve been a steady attraction on Tuesday night TV lineups for years now. So, there’s no evidence for these people saying that Little People, Big World is canceled. Just that end of the era line from the press release.

And it’s quite clear that it’s solely about Amy moving away to be with fiance Chris Marek. Little People, Big World isn’t canceled. Amy moving away is old news – and something that Roloff family fans already knew. So, get excited for the new season starting in less than a month – and don’t worry that it’ll be off the air for good.

We know Amy taped her housewarming with her good friends for this new LPBW season. And it’s likely we will get to go along on some of Zach and Tori’s adventures that they took with their kids. Even with the pandemic, they were able to get out and enjoy quality family time in the beautiful outdoors. Get ready for this new season – and more to come.

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