‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff’s Got a Wild New Woman – Admits He’s “Fallen in Love”

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has a new chick in his life – so is there a reason for Caryn Chandler to be jealous? Recently, the Oregon pumpkin farmer and TLC star shared a photo of his new passion – and her celebrity lookalike. Take a look at what has Matt so riled up about this lady.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Got Another Chick & Isn’t Afraid to Show Her Off

LPBW celeb Matt Roloff loves many things in life. His grandkids, his dog Lucy, and of course, his fiancee Caryn Chandler. But it seems a new chick caught his eye recently. And Matt liked what he saw so much that he had to experience it for himself.

Not only has Matt Roloff made his new passion known to Little People, Big World followers – but to Caryn as well. When he posted a pic online a few months back, she clicked like on it. So, none of this should be a shock to her when her fiance went public with photos of the new woman in his life.

And the Little People, Big World granddad also shared a pic of the celebrity his new chick looks like. Never say getting older is slowing down Matt Roloff. He’s got new interests and hobbies – and always has his eye on something new. So, what’s Matt’s latest passion?

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

What Is an Ornamental Chicken Anyway? Ask the LPBW Star

This topic first cropped up in Matt Roloff’s social channel back in April. The chick above is NOT the new one in Matt’s life, but may have inspired what came next for the Little People, Big World grandpa. That’s a Silkie Bantam – a type of ornamental breed of chicken.

They are reportedly sweet, and interact well with children, unlike normal chickens. Matt joked that wasn’t him in a chicken suit and Caryn liked the post. So, perhaps seeing that fowl was what sparked what came next for the Little People, Big World celeb.

Now, it seems like Matt Roloff couldn’t wait to get his hands on one of these chicks for himself. However, don’t expect to see a silky white chick like the one above on Little People, Big World. Instead, Matt went for something even more exotic – that has a celebrity doppelganger. And he says he’s “fallen in love.”

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

Meet Matt’s New Side Chick – Will She Appear on Little People, Big World?

See the pic above for a glimpse at Matt Roloff’s new lady. It’s a Golden Laced Polish chick, another ornamental breed. He said, “she’s a looker” and joked that she has a “spastic” personality and that he’s having fun with her. Matt named his lovely chick “Phyllis” in honor of Phyllis Diller.

The Little People, Big World patriarch posted the funny lady’s photo when he shared the pic of his Phyllis. And he’s getting likes from other TLC celebs. OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby seemed to like the wild-looking chicken, too. This breed is reportedly clever, sweet, and adapts well to handling.

More to the Story – Someone’s Stalking Matt’s New Love

In the video above, from the Little People, Big World farmer, he said they have the Phyllis Diller chickens and some of the white silkie ones like the pic from April. Unfortunately, he said something is creeping into their chicken house and killing his feathered friends.

Matt said he started out with many more chicks, but a predator attacked them and he’s got one spiky headed one left and one of the whites. If they can catch whatever’s stalking their chicks, maybe one of them will make it onto the next season of LPBW.

In the meantime, maybe we’ll see Matt Roloff share a photo of Phyllis with adorable grandson Jackson Roloff. Little People, Big World fans will have to wait and see if this chick pops up on the TLC show. But, it’s safe to say Caryn has nothing to worry about with Matt’s latest obsession.

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