‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff’s Unexpected Visit with Youngest Son Jacob Roloff

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff never expected to run into his youngest son Jacob Roloff this weekend. The father and son duo had not planned in advance to get together. However, that is exactly what happened. It certainly took the two Roloff men by surprise since the chance meeting happened over 90 minutes away from where Roloff Farms is located. Here’s what we know about Matt Roloff’s date night plans with his lady love Caryn Chander as well as his time with Jacob.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Hits The Coast

Little People, Big World alum Matt Roloff decided after a busy week of farm chores a long drive to the Oregon coast was in order. So he and his long time girlfriend Caryn Chandler hit the road. The couple made plans to meet up with friends at a cozy restaurant in the quaint beach town of Manzinita. Matt and Caryn enjoyed a nice evening out with friends. Then they planned to check out the progress on their friend’s new house construction project.

The Little People, Big World personality was most impressed with the wildlife he saw whole at his friend’s property. He called it a bonus that there were bull elk and cows just meandering in the front yard. However, that was just icing on the cake to the LPBW dad’s night out.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

LPBW: Matt Runs Into Jacob Roloff

Little People, Big World patriarch never in his wildest dreams thought he would be seeing his youngest child Jacob Roloff Saturday night. He thought his night would be spent with good friends and his sweetie Caryn. However no sooner then dinner was finished, the father of four had the best surprise. He saw Jacob out walking his dogs down the main beach boulevard.

Matt and Jacob’s visit wasn’t long. However, the LPBW stars made the most of their unexpected rendezvous. Certainly, it was cool that they crossed paths. Jacob’s wife Isabell was nearby visiting with a girlfriend. So Jacob was giving the ladies a little alone time while getting some fresh air for him and their two dogs. But his time away from Isabel was longer thanks to his chance run-in with his dad.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Living The Van Life

Little People, Big World former cast member Jacob Roloff has been spending the last few weeks living in his van. Every few months he and his wife Isabell take off and explore the world from the comfort of their van. Just five weeks ago Matt and Jacob meet up and said their goodbyes. Both thought it would be months before they reunited. However, fate stepped in last night when these two just happened to be in Manzinita at the same time.

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