‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Shares Favorite Photo of Grandson Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff shared his favorite picture of his grandson, Jackson Roloff. Matt currently isn’t living on the farm. The global pandemic has him in quarantine in Arizona. Since he is away from his family he has been looking back at old pictures. He recently shared one of his favorite moments of Jackson that he captured in a photo. Hopefully, he will be able to make more favorite pictures of his grandchildren soon.

Little People, Big World Update: Matt Roloff Post Favorite Picture of Grandson

Matt Roloff is seemingly missing his Little People, Big World family back in Oregon. Matt has been in quarantine in Arizona with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler. He hasn’t been able to see his grandchildren. So, he has been looking back at photos in his “treasure box.” He has also been sharing some of his favorite pictures online.

The Little People, Big World reality star recently posted a throwback photo of his grandson. Matt Roloff said that this picture might be his favorite of Jackson Roloff. He also gave the reasons why he loves the picture. Matt said that the picture was taken when Jackson had pushed open a gate and that grandpa was there waiting to take him on a ride. Jackson loves taking rides around the farm.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Matt Calls Jackson Roloff Incredible

One of the reasons why Little People, Big World‘s Matt Roloff loves this picture is seeing Jackson Roloff’s huge smile. He said that Jackson is “smiling from ear to ear with delight.” Matt loves how much Jackson enjoys being on the farm. This picture shows just that. But, Jackson isn’t the only one smiling in the picture.

The Little People, Big World cast member also pointed out the smile on Jackson Roloff’s mom’s face. Matt Roloff said that Tori Roloff “is looking down beaming with pride on how incredible her son is.” Tori is now a mother of two. So, she has a lot to smile about.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff - Jackson Roloff

LPBW Celeb Finds Reasons to Smile While in Lockdown

Despite being in lockdown, Matt Roloff has still found reasons to smile. While the world is dealing with a global pandemic it could be hard to find things to be happy about. Luckily, for Matt, he has these photos of his grandchildren that will put a smile on his face. He said that “in a crazy world” and while in self-quarantine this simple “happy photo” makes me smile. Hopefully, he will be able to reunite with his family on the farm soon.

The Little People, Big World farm owner made a few changes to the farm. In the recent season, Matt Roloff built an airplane that Jackson Roloff can play on. He also tore down a major Roloff Farm landmark, the treehouse. The latest addition to the farm is a fence that has been put up to separate Matt and Amy’s sides of the farm. It is out with the old and in with the new on Roloff Farm.

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