‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Shares Comical Favorite Memories from the Farm

Little People, Big World‘s Matt Roloff said it would be hard to pick a favorite memory of the farm. But it seems like he found a few — even after making some wisecracks about it.

Little People, Big World Update: Matt Roloff Farm Life in Limbo

Matt Roloff told his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, that he doesn’t know what the future holds. In fact, he said he’s on LPBW star Amy Roloff’s timeline. And that he can’t do anything until Amy is out of the farmhouse.

In the latest episodes of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff fighting over miscommunication issues. Amy worried about people coming to take pictures at the farm. And Matt said he’s not going to call every time someone wants to come.

Matt said he loves the farm and enjoys working on it. But he said as long as there is stuff in the house, he can’t move forward. Until all of his Little People, Big World ex-wife’s things are out of the house, he said he’ll put everything on hold.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff

Matt Goofs off about Farm Memories

Little People, Big World producers asked Matt Roloff what his favorite memories from living on the farm were. He sat with Caryn Chandler and started laughing. He asked the TLC cameras, “Is it bad that I don’t have any emotional memories of the farm?”

Matt went on to say, “The 2x4s were great,” and kept laughing nervously. Fans think the Little People, Big World dad was in a tough spot. Of course, it was hard to talk about his favorite times on the farm with his now ex-wife.

But finally, Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World said he did enjoy many times at the farm. Some of those times were holidays at the farmhouse, fires with the kids, and watching them grow up over the years. And that was all he had to say about it, and he still joked while saying it.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World: Making New Plans for the Farm

LPBW star Matt Roloff is having a great time planning out a new project for the farm. In fact, he said he dreamed about this project ever since Amy said she’d move off the farm three years ago. Matt is building a brand new dream house on the land.

It looks like the Little People, Big World patriarch wants to create new memories on the farm. Matt is designing the house all by himself. But Matt Roloff did say he is building the house with a big “his and hers” closet and sink area. And he said that’s an invitation for Caryn.

It looks like Matt is ready to have a future with Caryn on the farm. But Little People, Big World fans wondering if the TLC celeb will get his way.

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