‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff at Golf Cart Movie Night – Massive 550 Carts Show Up at Drive-In

Little People, Big World stars Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler enjoy their first drive in movie night in their new Arizona community. So, the couple are now part-time AZ residents. They divide their time between their home state of Portland, Oregon and their new home in Surprise, AZ. Recently, Matt and Caryn made clear on social media that they are happy with their new surroundings. LPBW fans show their support of the couple’s new endeavor.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Creates Life Off The Farm

Matt Roloff has taken the first step in creating a life off of the farm. The place will always be a major part of his life. However, he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler took up residence in a community in another state, too. The move may not be permanent, but the couple are happy to spend some time off the farm. Matt Roloff does still have ties to the farm in Oregon as seen on Little People, Big World on TLC.

The Little People, Big World farmer seems to be enjoying the life he’s creating in Arizona. He recently posted a picture on social media with Caryn Chandler at the community’s annual movie night. Matt Roloff explains the event as an “ultimate golf cart tail gating party”. There were over 550 golf carts that showed up to the event. The movie shown was Skyscraper.

LPBW: Caryn Chandler Enjoying Life In New State

Caryn Chandler once worked for Roloff Farms. However, she quit to pursue another career path. Despite leaving, it didn’t change anything between her and Matt Roloff. The couple remain happily together. Caryn spent many years working therecwith him. However, Caryn made it clear that she was ready for a change in scenery. So, the couple actively searched for a place in a new locale.

The Little People, Big World star often posts pictures of her and Matt enjoying their new life far from Oregon. So, Caryn Chandler often mentions how much she loves the AZ sun and weather. However, Caryn and Matt also enjoy going back to Portland to visit family.

Fans Support Move To Arizona

Little People, Big World fans love seeing Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff happy in new home away from home. Getting away from the farm could be good for Matt. Many viewers were sad to see Matt and Amy Roloff end their marriage. But, they support the couple as both moved on and found new partners and are heading towards bright futures.

LPBW fans took to social media to show their support to the happy couple. One fan wrote: “leave the farm and go with your new girl to Arizona and live it up”. Many fans express that they are glad that Matt and Caryn are enjoying their time in Surprise.

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