‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Gives Jackson Life Lessons on Being a Little Person

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff and Jackson Roloff spent time picking fruits on the family farm. While picking fruits, Matt took the opportunity to teach his grandson a few lessons on being a little person. Matt knows what it is like living in a world where some things might be out of reach. So, he taught Jackson how to overcome those obstacles.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Takes Jackson around the Farm

Matt Roloff recently took his grandson around the Little People, Big World family farm. He was so happy to be spending time with Jackson. During their ride around the land, he and Jackson Roloff spotted some raspberries. So, Jackson got out of the buggy to check out the raspberries. The LPBW farmer asked him who he was picking the raspberry for. He said it was for “grandpa.” For Matt, it was a “typical day on the farm.”

The Little People, Big World reality star then said to Jackson Roloff to get back in the buggy. However, Zach Roloff’s son was struggling to get back in. Instead of picking him up, Matt Roloff took the opportunity to teach him a lesson. As a little person, Jackson will be facing a lot of obstacles in life. Matt told him to use the step to lift himself up. He was then able to get back into his seat by himself.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Jackson Roloff Struggles to Pick Cherries

Jackson Roloff got more life lessons from his Little People, Big World grandpa. After picking raspberries, Jackson and Matt Roloff also had a hard time picking cherries from the tree. All the cherries that were on lower branches had already been picked. Matt said that there were no more “low cherries”. And only the “tall cherries” were left. But, that didn’t stop the two Roloffs from getting themselves some cherries.

The Little People, Big World cast member’s grandpa gave him a tool that would help him be able to reach the taller branches. Matt Roloff gave Jackson Roloff a “grabber” and told him to reach for the branch and pull it down. That way the branch would be at a height he could reach. Matt taught Jackson how to overcome any difficulties when it comes to items that are out of reach.

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff

LPBW Celeb Teaches Grandson Cherry Eating Technique

Matt Roloff’s next lesson for his Little People, Big World grandson was to teach him how to eat a cherry. Grandpa Matt told Jackson Roloff to “clean it like a whistle.” Jackson cleaned the cherry with a cloth while he attempted to whistle. Matt then told him to put the cherry in his mouth. He also made sure he knew not to eat the cherry pit. He told Jackson to then spit out the pit.

The Little People, Big World alum and his eldest grandchild have a special bond. Matt Roloff often spends a lot of time with Jackson Roloff on the farm. And Zach Roloff’s child seemingly loves spending time with his grandpa. Some fans have said that Matt favors Jackson over his other grandchildren. Since they spend so much time together. But, surely he loves all his grandchildren the same.

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