‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff, Friends Barbecue Plus Film Crew [Video]

Little People, Big World film crew went to Matt Roloff’s place and filmed him and his friends enjoying a barbecue. Matt posted a video on his Instagram, which came just four days after his self-imposed social media ban. But then, if you make a living off the television, the film crew gets what they want. He had a whole lot of friends around and the video shows off the lovely setting on the farm.

‘Little People, Big World’ Matt Roloff breaks self-imposed ban

Four days ago, fans of Little People, Big World noted Matt Roloff posted up a photo of the new Pumpkin Season Pirate Ship. But he also said in the caption that he was taking a break from social media. He does this now and then. Much to the disappointment of Baby J fans, he stopped posting up photos of his grandson. However, he did break his own ban quickly. His video showed the film crew with their cameras as he and friends enjoyed a few drinks and a big barbecue.

It sure looked like they were having a good time. Matt Roloff wrote, “Sometimes a good ole’ fashion guys nite barbecuing some steaks and corn on the cob is all you need to enjoy a warm summer evening on the farm.. thanks Bill for cooking. And thanks @carynchandler1 for helping me set things up. And to all [my] pals … you guys are the best!” Matt’s always easy with the cameras, but some of his friends looked a bit unused to it. He even filmed the cameras filming him. He mentioned that maybe he should have offered them a cup of coffee.

‘LP, BW’ filming so maybe we’ll see the barbecue next season

When Matt posted about staying off social media for a while, he also said that he considered stopped doing the LP, BW show. He mentioned that when Audrey and Jeremy left, he did some “soul searching.” However, he concluded that they still had a “lot of stories to tell.” That’s a relief for Little People, Big World fans because, since Amy and Matt Roloff’s divorce, lots of rumors sprung up that he would leave the show and sell off Roloff Farms.

The most exciting thing for fans is to see the film crew there. That is concrete evidence that we will see another season. Fans on Instagram enjoyed the video, even though Matt doesn’t feature in it because he was taking the video. But you can hear him in the video. In reply to a friend who said that the view is something to never get tired of, Matt said it’s his favorite. Some of the Matt Roloff fans commented that they were a good looking bunch of men. One even posted her email address in case “any of u hot guys r single ??❤️?❣️.”

Matt Roloff moves on with Caryn

Some of his followers on Instagram noted that friends, warm summer evenings and a barbecue beat a lot of things in life. They seemed to be happy for him. Matt and Amy went through a hard time during their divorce. Amy has Chris now and her ex seems happy with Caryn Chandler. While he may have lost some fans, he still has friends to call over for a weekend barbecue.

What do you think of the beautiful setting where Matt and his friends enjoyed themselves cooking outdoors? Stay in touch with news about Little People, Big World by checking back with Soap Dirt often.