‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Celebrates Birthday with Caryn and Friends

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff recently celebrated his birthday. He is in the middle of a busy time on the farm. But, Matt didn’t let his birthday go uncelebrated. And, thanks to his longtime girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, he had a fun day with friends.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Opens Farm for Pumpkin Season

With pumpkin season up in the air, Matt Roloff was happy to announce that the farm will be open to the public for it. However, this year will be a little different from past seasons. Matt told Little People, Big World fans that if they want to visit, they would have to wear a mask. Unlike in previous years, visitors would also have to make a reservation before coming. And, they would have to pay a fee to reserve their spot. Matt wants to make sure that people are safe and can keep their distance from other visitors.

The Little People, Big World reality star got an overwhelming response from the public. It didn’t take long for all the timeslots to fill up. So, Matt Roloff and his ex-wife Amy Roloff decided to open up more timeslots. They felt like the farm was big enough to let more people in and still be able to social distance from each other. Having to open up additional timeslots shows that this year’s pumpkin season will be one for the books.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff

Matt Spends Special Day with Caryn Chandler and Friends

Matt Roloff may be busy on the farm, but he took the time to celebrate his special day. The Little People, Big World TLC star recently celebrated his 59th birthday. He is now one year closer to turning another decade older. Matt told fans that his other half, Caryn Chandler, and his friends took him out for a “special birthday breakfast.”

After the meal, the Little People, Big World cast member hit the road with Caryn Chandler and his good friends. Matt Roloff said that they drove to the beach. He didn’t say what the plans were for the beach, but it must have been nice for him to get off the farm. He didn’t have any crazy plans for the day, but it seemed to be a relaxing one. Matt also said that Caryn spoiled him.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World Celeb Find Farm Situation Unfair

This season on LPBW, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are making big moves on the family land. Amy decided that her time living in the farmhouse is over and that it’s time to move on. She went ahead and purchased her first home. However, she didn’t seem to be in a rush to leave the property. It took her a long time to move out. And Matt wasn’t happy about that.

The Little People, Big World castmate discussed the issue with Caryn Chandler. Matt Roloff felt like Amy Roloff was making it difficult for him to move on with his farm plans. Caryn told Matt that it feels like he is still married to Amy. She also told him that she feels like it’s unfair how Amy is handling things at the farm.

Matt Roloff is ready to move on with his life and move forward with what he has planned for the land. He recently shared his plan for building a home on the farm. But, that left LPBW fans questioning Amy’s involvement with the farm and business once she left.

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