‘Little People, Big World’: Lilah Roloff Is Eight Months Old – Is She Crawling?

Little People, Big World sweetheart Lilah Ray Roloff is now eight months old. So her doting mother Tori Roloff shared her usual monthly update on social media. Fans love seeing the progress little Lilah makes each month. It’s hard to believe that eight months have flown by. It seems like just yesterday we all were anxiously waiting for her arrival. Continuing reading to see all the new things Lilah has accomplished this month and whether or not she’s crawling.

Little People, Big World: Tori’s Favorite Things About Lilah Roloff This Month

Little People, Big World mom Tori Roloff loves being a mother to her daughter Lilah Ray Roloff. Every month she grows more in love with her “girlsie”. This month Tori shares her favorite things about sweet Lilah. First and foremost Tori loves how “smiley and happy” she always seems to be. Additionally, it looks like Lilah has this same temperament when she is with her momma as well as when she is alone. One other thing Tori is obsessed with this month is dressing Lilah in her big brother Jackson Roloff’s old clothes. Certainly, Tori is enjoying her little girl. In fact, she says, “Girls are so fun”.

Little People, Big World’s Lilah Ray loves her feet. However, she refuses to keep her shoes on to “save her life”. That’s not so much an issue now since Lilah is not yet walking. Thankfully Lilah Roloff is a good sleeper. She’s now sleeping 12 hours. This certainly helps with her growth. She surely has grown a lot this past month.

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff

LBPW: Is Tori’s Daughter Crawling?

Little People, Big World fans learned last month Lilah Ray Roloff is slightly behind her peers in her development. At seven months she was still not sitting up on her own. Additionally, this month Tori didn’t mention whether or not the little girl has mastered that skill. However, she did share Lilah’s is very much on the move. Tori says, ” she’s officially crawling “. Tori said that she’s scooting, rocking, and getting around.

Most babies start crawling after they learn to sit up since that action strengthens the abdominal core muscles that aid in crawling. So the Little People, Big World cutie must have learned these two motor skills this past month.

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Is A Foodie

Little People, Big World star Lilah Roloff loves to eat. She just loves everything about food. She’s a “foodie” in the making. Although she loves everything about food, she’s taken a disdain to some aspects of eating. Tori and Zach’s daughter no longer will take a bottle, straw, or drink from a sippy cup.  Apparently the baby is now drinking from a cup probably with an assist from her mom. One thing that remains the same is how she looks at herself. Tori wishes everyone looked at themselves like Lilah Ray does.

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