‘Little People, Big World’: Lilah Roloff Favors Family Member in New Photos

Little People, Big World‘s Lilah Roloff loves her time in front of the camera. And recently, her mother, Tori Roloff, caught some photos that made people think she looked like one family member in particular.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Is Thriving

Lilah Roloff got a little bit of a slow start in the world. But the Little People, Big World star is picking up steam, and her parents are very proud of her. In the 21st season of LPBW, fans saw Lilah was very sick.

Tori Roloff insisted they take her to the hospital and make sure she was okay. Thankfully, Tori would not relent, and they found out what was happening with Lilah Roloff of Little People, Big World. Lilah had Influenza A and RSV. Both of these things are dangerous, but for a little baby with dwarfism—it was extra scary.

In real-time, Lilah Roloff is doing well and is a happy baby. She got over her sickness and is developing nicely. And it seems like watchers of Little People, Big World thinks she looks like a certain family member.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff

Lilah Looks Like Amy Roloff

In a recent photoshoot TLC’s Tori did of Lilah, fans instantly saw she looked like her grandmother, Amy. Viewers of the show said they could see the other side of the family too, but that it was Amy that was shining through the most. A few other fans said they could see her dad, Zach Roloff, making an influence as well.

Viewers said it was only fair that Zach and his mother Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World got one kid that looked like them. This is because fans say Jackson Roloff looks like the clone of his mom, Tori. Lilah’s personality is also shining through, and she’s breaking through her shyness little by little.

Fans of Little People, Big World are glad to see Lilah is growing up happy and healthy. And they said they’re sure Amy loves that she takes after her.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World: Exciting Times Ahead

In the latest season of Little People, Big World, there are a lot of exciting times for Lilah Roloff. Tori was starting to leave her alone with Zach so she could go out some. But now, with COVID-19, it seems like Lilah has both parents at home.

In real-time, little cutie Lilah Roloff spends a lot of time at the farm. There is still a lot of confusion about who owns the farm. And this is especially true after Zach Roloff said he might want to live there.

Little People, Big World watchers can’t wait to see if Lilah and Jackson get a farm life childhood. But it seems like everyone will have to wait on confirmation a little bit longer.

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