‘Little People, Big World’: Lilah Roloff Delighted with New Obsession

Little People, Big World cutie Lilah Roloff found something new that she enjoys. In fact, her mom, Tori Roloff, said that she is absolutely obsessed with this latest plaything.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Totally Engaged

Lilah Roloff from LPBW wouldn’t take her eyes off her latest obsession. Tori said it was funny to see her so focused since she got a new book. Lilah kept going through the pages and picking the book up.

Little People, Big World sweetheart Lilah didn’t even realize her mom was taping her because she enjoyed the book so much. Not long ago, she couldn’t even sit up and couldn’t turn pages of the books. Tori Roloff had said that Lilah Roloff felt frustrated with her body.

Now that Lilah from Little People, Big World has more ability to get around, she is even happier than before. Tori is so proud of her little one, and fans said they couldn’t believe she changed so much so quickly.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff

Lilah Having a Great Time

Little People, Big World star Lilah Roloff is such a giggly and happy baby. After she finished having fun with her book, it was time to put her in the bath. She loves splashing around in the water. And Tori said it was another one of her favorite times.

Another thing TLC’s Lilah loves doing is watching her big brother, Jackson Roloff. Little People, Big World big brother Jackson Roloff enjoys entertaining his sister. He will run into the room, spin around and fall down to make his sister laugh.

Fans of Little People, Big World said it is adorable to see how much they love each other. Lilah looks like she is ready to get up and start running around with big bro. She stood up, holding on to the side of her crib, and watched his show and loved it.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World: Getting Stronger As a Family

Lilah Roloff’s family had some serious challenges recently. Despite these hard times, the family came together and is now stronger than ever. Zach and Tori revealed they had lost a pregnancy and that they thought they would welcome a third baby to the family.

Little People, Big World darling Lilah was almost a big sister. Tori Roloff said it was the most terrible feeling to lose their child’s life. She said she wished that parents would never have to go through this terrible thing.

Tori said she would focus on her two children that are still here. And that she was so thankful to have them but that it still hurt so badly losing their sibling. Fans sent lots of love and encouragement to the family, and they were very grateful.

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