‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff Groggy and Slurring Speech On Camera After Surgery

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff is recuperating from surgery and a little “drugged up” as his wife captures him on camera. Or at least that’s how his wife Audrey Roloff reports his condition on social media. It does look like the former Little People, Big World celeb was a bit groggy. His condition is seen when his wife captured Jeremy Roloff on film at the hospital.

Little People, Big World: Jeremy Roloff Hernia Surgery

That video captures Jeremy Roloff in a fog during his homecoming as well. Audrey also popped into the video to offer her take on her husband and how he’s handling his recuperation post-surgery. It appears he had surgery for a hernia. From what the Little People, Big World couple says everything went as expected with the procedure.

Previous reports put Jeremy Roloff in great pain, which prompted him to get this surgery. This operation, which was scheduled ahead of time, took place on Friday.  It looks like Audrey also offered up a quick commercial while filming her Little People, Big World famous husband.

Audrey talked about friends of hers who open up their online shop for only a few days a year. She just happened to be wearing one of the pieces of clothing they sell, a shirt. Apparently their shirts sport inspirational sayings. So she plugged her friends’ online store in between showing off, Jeremy, her recuperating LPBW husband.

,Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff

Jeremy Roloff Under the Influence

Jeremy Roloff was a bit comical because he was still under the influence of drugs from the surgery. Before going into the procedure this Little People, Big World expectant father was anxious about the ordeal. After the procedure, he did seem somewhat fuzzy.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have a daughter, Ember Roloff. Their second baby is due in January and the baby is a boy, which they revealed a while back. Jeremy was only 13-years-old when Little People, Big World first debuted. Now at 28, 14-plus years have gone by.

Little People, Big World: Gone From TLC Reality Show But They Keep Fans In the Loop

Little People, Big World catapulted to one of the most popular shows on the TLC network. But this couple worked at other stuff on the side while on the show. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have built their blog together and they also have a clothing business. While they don’t film the show anymore, they still keep their followers up to date online.

Jeremy Roloff decided to stop filing the LPBW show now that his family is growing. With a few irons of his own in the fire, they have plenty to keep them busy. This also includes a book he and Audrey just released – A Love Letter Life.

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