‘Little People, Big World’: Jacob Roloff Tells LPBW Fans to Tune Out

Little People, Big World former star Jacob Roloff said he has a lot of conflicting emotions about telling people not to watch TLC. He dropped some pretty intense claims against the network and reality TV in general.

Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Shares His Experience

Jacob Roloff from LPBW had come out at the beginning of the year to talk about his own experiences. The youngest Roloff said that a producer from the network allegedly groomed him during the taping. He said it was a terrible experience, and he didn’t have nice things to say about the whole process.

After the recent trouble with Josh Duggar from Counting On, he spoke out again. Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff said many of the kids on these shows have these problems. He even went so far as to say that kids shouldn’t be on reality TV.

Jacob did admit it was hard for him to say not to watch it since his family is on Little People, Big World. Despite that, he stands strong behind his position and says it’s a bad idea. He even said that the network doesn’t care about their “talent” that they promote.

Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff

Jacob Not Holding Back

After Jacob Roloff’s initial statement, everyone thought he finished what he had to say. He might not have wanted to come out with further opinion and information, but the Duggar drama prompted him to do so. Little People, Big World celeb Jacob said no one at the network called him to say they felt sorry for what happened.

In fact, Jacob Roloff of Little People, Big World said he only got calls from people that used to work for the network. He went on to say that they act like they have no liability for anything because the talent are contractors. Fans of the show said they felt terrible for Jacob for what he allegedly had to go through.

Little People, Big World parents Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff stood behind their son. But many people said it didn’t seem like they did enough and supported him enough. Even so, Jacob seems to be coming around them more than he had been.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff - Jacob Roloff

Little People, Big World: Living a Life of His Own

Jacob Roloff of the TV show Little People, Big World has become his own person. He has very different views on life than his parents do. For a while, he was living out of his car, and fans felt worried for him and his safety.

Now he and his wife Isabel Roloff live in a nice apartment and seem very happy. The whole family loves both of them even though there are some strains in some of the relationships. Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Roloff have a rift due to differing opinions, but they did get together with the family recently.

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