‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson & Lilah Roloff Enjoy Sibling Play Time

Little People, Big World cuties Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff are always together. In their latest sibling adventure, it looks like Jackson rolled right by Lilah to take a turn with her toy. See what these adorable tots were up to and how Jackon’s enjoying time with his sister.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff Takes Baby Sister’s Toy

Tori Roloff shared videos of her kids Lilah Roloff and Jackson Roloff. In one of the videos, Jackson managed to score time under Lilah’s baby toy, while she looked on, seemingly confused. Sometimes bigger siblings, like Jackon of Little People, Big World, want a turn with the younger sib’s toy.

We’ve seen these two cuties playing together a lot. Big brother even tried to help little sister learn how to sit up. But it seems like he’s more playful than patient in the latest antics. First, Lilah and Jackson wound up under her crib – with just their feet sticking out for mom to spot.

Then, he wrestled his sister – perhaps to get his turn at her little floor toy. It looks like Tori expects more of this to happen and said that Lilah Roloff of Little People, Big World needs to get used to it. Jackson Roloff isn’t being too rough with Lilah — he’s just doing what big brothers do – getting her ready life throwing curveballs at you.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff

Parents Planning for Sibling Success When Lila Roloff Was on the Way

Before baby Lilah Ray was born, Tori and her husband Zach Roloff planned for Jackson and Lilah to get along. They talked about how it would be if she was average-sized versus if she was sized like Little People, Big World star Jackson. Roloff The parents said it would be nice if they were both little so they could experience the world together.

It was a little more difficult for Little People, Big World‘s Zach growing up since he was the little person, and his twin brother Jeremy Roloff was average size. It sounded like Zach likes having more little people in his life, and he wanted Jackson Roloff to have a sibling his size.

Fast forward, and we know that Jackson and Lilah from Little People, Big World are both little people. It at least makes for a fair wrestling session, or will when Lilah gets a little bit bigger. For now, it seems Lilah Roloff’s big brother bested her this go-round – but did so in a sweet way.

Little People, Big World: Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World: Getting Around with Lilah & Jackson

The Little People, Big World family lives the life they want – proving daily that size is no obstacle. Whether that’s riding bikes, kayaking, or other fun things, they prove to their kids that anything’s possible.

Recently, Jackson Roloff and his little sister Lilah Roloff just got back from a fun lake vacation. There, Jackson rode his scooter like a pro. Fans of Little People, Big World look forward to seeing how well these two get along as they grow up together. It seems like they are doing well, but there’s still some sibling rivalry showing up for Lilah and big brother Jackson.

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